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    physics exam

    man.. screw tht.. so F'n hard!!! screw loose!!
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    Option - Quanta to Quarks

    what the fukk?? remove an electron.. from its 2nd shell.. what EQUATION!??
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    intertextuality between texts HELPP!!!

    hey, just need a bit of help, with intertextuality!! what is it? like i know similarities and differences, but is it just with the set text. or is it also between your related material too?? i got no idea. kay x0
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    ATTN chemistry year 12 2007- HELP!!

    hey people, i needed some help. whilst doing some notes i had some trouble answering this question: ( if anyone could help me by saying what kind of things you would have to say to answer this question.. it would be SOOOOO HELPFUL!!! ) hopefulli. question: Assess the impact of the...
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    Physics or Chemistry?

    hey, i do chemistry, biology and physics.. and from that i suggest that youy drop PHYSICS! its killing me atm, and chemistry is soooo much more fun. ox
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    WHICH IS MORE ATTRACTIVE?? [please rate]

    the fitness and bikini models look healthy but the plus size model looks the best by FAR!
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    losing weight?

    Re: Are YOU trying to lose weight? bahahahha.. yes that bould be me as well, i am admitingly over weight.., and its really hjard, when your whole family is obese. im trying to cut down what i eat and like the whole gym thing of which i am joining next week, as a matter of fact. but question...
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    Angelina Jolie - Video Tribute

    i heart angelina jolie! she could turn me les any day! hawt vid. kay xoxox
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    assessment: batteries: WEBSITES???

    yea it is.. actually the same thing! and thanks for the sites! all help welcome! ehheeh whats ur assessment on?
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    assessment: batteries: WEBSITES???

    hey i was just searching throught the internet and was wondering if anyone knows of any good sites for my assessment. its comparing dry cell batteries to button cells, in terms of cost, chemistry, structure and practicality and also impact on society and envrionment. SO PLEASE!! if anyone can...
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    three sciences!! is any1 else doin 3??

    hey evry1 name's kay.. but anyway.. for year.. 11 and 12 i will be doing 3 sciences.. chemistry, physics and biology.. i was just wonderin what people think of that and if anyone else is doin three.. that includes.. earth and environmental so yea!:)
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    Marist High Schools

    i use to go to a marist.. school u forgot it on ur list!!>. woolwich.. ! and also.. i dont know if you wrote it.. but also marist bros at eastwood!
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    Sc Exam Thoughts

    it was all pretty krap! all of it! waste fo time! kay
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    School Certificate Done! - We're Free!

    free! yea.. no more skool certificate!! my skool go tthurs and fri off den we start yr 11 how bout evry1 else? kay
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    first gf bf?

    anarchron dont feel so bad.. im in the same boat as you.. but i have more time than you!! heheheeheeeeh
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    first gf bf?

    when was your first girlfriend or boyfriend and at what age? kay
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    ever been attractec to ur bestie??

    have you ever been attracted to one or a couple of your best friend..?? open to guys and girls.. :) :) :rolleyes: :)
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    Bi and lesbian girls

    re:les or bi girls i dunno if im a bit leaning towards bi ..cos i find guys ohh soo very hott and i luv dem 2 bitz but i see two of my best fwends and i think omg i wanna pash u like one of them i no might be ok wif it and i think she may be bi and my other fwend has a frend who is alreadi bi...
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    Do chicks like to give more oral than to receive?

    .. man.... who cares what u do.... u shouldnt be pressured to do anythin u wanna do but i rekon it would be good either way as you can feel happy that you gave and also gives you a kick but also recievin is good as you get **satisfied** lol so both parties are happy!!! heheheeee.... cinemas...
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    Second Chances???

    unknown.... hmm... yes... yea... i agree wif iamsickofyear12..... my frend got back with her ex that she cheated on 3 times and they are friends but she has had 2 bf's since and you'll be a lot better off! man who cares about sum fuker who lies and cheats on you as welll as breakin ur...