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    past papers/trial papers

    Anyone's kind enough to scan trial papers/past papers they have? Much appreciate it :)
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    What did you think of the exam?

    before the exam, I also prepared an essay on events and circumstances under the heading of art practice. The 2nd question under the practice, something that says 'how does time affect the practice of artists?' actually fits very well with event and circumstances. I studied 4 artists from...
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    The First section

    i agree with jenals. a: conceptual framework: artist - artwork b: art practice art making c: frames: conceptual (viewer 1), subjective (viewer 2)
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    MC Answers

    HAIYAAAA.... got 2 wrong.... q2 and 4 silly silly silly silly meeeee! :(
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    q21a and b

    How about software versioning? :confused:
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    I'm planning to do Software engineering as well... i put down unsw as my first reference. I think i need a uai of 95. Eh btw, i imagine that soft engineering classes are full of comp nerds.... no hot gals ... just guys with glasses...
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    v.arts papers

    hm... just section 2 will do ok :) thanks! :)
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    v.arts papers

    Anyone has visual art papers? please share? thank you! :)
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    What Did U Think ??

    Okay... let's redo q25 a i and ii again step by step: The packets are: 0101100101 0110100111 Rules: the 1st digit and the last digit are start and end bits. the 2nd digit is the direction X and Y. In X direction: 1 is right, 0 is left In Y direction: 1 is up, 0 is down i. Spliting the...
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    Multiple choice answers

    Pretty sure 1 is C. The keyword here is 'the processes' Storyboard doesn't show you the processes Data dictionary doesn't show it either Data flow diagram shows the flow of data, but not the process So i has to be C. Number 2.... Select the day... text box is not appropriate => data...
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    What Did U Think ??

    Well..... i reckon it was as hard as last year's one in some ways... like this year's one was easier to understand, but more algorithms and other crap to write... I ran out of time... and left out some questions :( For q23 a iv, i spotted one of two errors but because i ran out of time...
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    Multiple choice answers

    Yeah,.. i put down A for Q17 (capability)..... Q13 I got A?
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    Catholic Trial Solutions

    Er... really sorry, I lent my school trial paper, which was the nsw independent, to my friend so i don't have it at the moment.... :(
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    Catholic Trial Solutions

    click on the link above for the solution.... for the paper, go to:
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    Catholic Trial Solutions

    hi steveo, still looking for css solutions? i put them up on: Download them quickly before Tripod closes the account :D - I don't think these files are allowed to be hosted on tripod.
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    sdd scaling

    I hate when BOS says it was an 'easy' subject... it is not!!!!!!!! :'( Only a couple of ppl made the band six last year and this year only less than 8000 ppl across the state are doing it...
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    Catholic Trial Solutions

    thanks blah - i got 16/20 ... not bad:D 3 of the 4 mistakes were silly ones and i agree with your answers, but for the other one, i'm still not too sure about: Question 16: Can you tell me why it's 10 not 12 plz? Do you have access to the solution?
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    Wot do u think u will get for ur UAI

    I'm also wondering.... To get a uai of 90-95, do you need to get 90% in all of ur hsc subjects? 90% scaled or raw?
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    sdd scaling

    anyone knows how sdd scales in the UAI?