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  1. twistedrebel

    UNSW O Week 2014 chat thread

    ah kids so eager for uni. its not what is made out to be kids. Soruce: starting 4th year. fuck i feel olddddddddddddddd. It was yesterday i was keen for it
  2. twistedrebel

    UNSW O-Week Meat 2013

    oi make it monday afternoon/evening roundhouse. O week meat/bos meat party all around make a facebook event aswell. I ll bring a da boiz
  3. twistedrebel

    Who's excited to start uni?

    seriously uni gets shit fast. the study is balls the lifestyle is pretty shit honestly. Being a bachelor and working full time is the actual lifestyle.
  4. twistedrebel

    you can do it whenever in your degree, doesnt have to be following sem.

    you can do it whenever in your degree, doesnt have to be following sem.
  5. twistedrebel

    Internal Transfer

    as in if your WAM is 55 you can still transfer to something which wants WAM of 75
  6. twistedrebel

    Internal Transfer

    honestly there isnt that many jobs in media arts (just saying)
  7. twistedrebel

    Internal Transfer

    b) i know so, seen it first hand c) the school needs more, more students == $$$$ anything over 81 and your in. Also with FEAS just applying is auto 10+ marks if you have show up to interview and just say why you want to do computing. Yeah internal transfers you can easily get in when below WAM
  8. twistedrebel

    Internal Transfer

    a) FEAS b) cutoff inflated c) they will need to up enrollment
  9. twistedrebel

    Internal Transfer

    thats not how shit works. B sci (comp sci) cant be done in the average B sci. Same like B sci (nanotechnology) cant be done in B sci. Also anyone with >80 can get into comp sci
  10. twistedrebel

    UNSW Social Life?

    fuck more cse kids, i should become a mentor and mentor one of these faggots. (make them less faggot)
  11. twistedrebel

    Likes/Dislikes about UNSW

    will pass this onto albert and michael.
  12. twistedrebel

    WSU Chatter Thread

    Re: UWS Chatter Thread group work due on tuesday, havent even read spec. we'll get it done
  13. twistedrebel

    I kissed a girl (and I would've liked it, except...

    if i have a daughter going to say this to her "Do not kiss boys from the internet, no matter how much internet rep you get"
  14. twistedrebel

    Any advice for first year ComSci?

    m8 world wide com sci is known as computer science. just because a bunch of asians do commerce/science doesnt make it com sci
  15. twistedrebel

    Worth of a University Degree?

    yes its losing its worth.
  16. twistedrebel

    WSU Chatter Thread

    Re: UWS Chatter Thread UWS meat you say, interesting
  17. twistedrebel

    Finals coming up >:(

    why is this?
  18. twistedrebel

    Which Uni Has The Hottest Girls???

    That only he hooded man knows.
  19. twistedrebel

    Which Uni Has The Hottest Girls???

    there are hot chicks at unsw you just gotta unlock it. First you arrive at uni and you will notice their isnt many hot girls. If you are manly enough, you will one evening, when you are alone in a lab be approached by a man wearing a hoodie. he will say the following word "You have been...