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    Show and Tell

    I recomend doing multimedia, I did it and got 50/50 and 3rd in the state!
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    Belonging - 2 supp texts okay!

    Who said anything about Markers? We all know that the Board of Studies is actually a gigantic machine that just generates random numbers. Has anyone else wondered why only some of the exams are out of a hundred? And the rest are just arbitary? Thats why, because the machine says so, its...
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    Romanticism, people!

    I thought that it was alright, the essay question I thought might have been a little easier, having to relate human experience to imagination was tedius. And for the creative I wrote about someone who had been paralysed and were dreaming about walking in nature again, it fitted well with what...
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    Show and Tell

    The other threads seem to be devoted to poems and stories, so come now, show and tell your multimedia works (if you can).
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    BOS Showcase: 2009 Major Works

    Now, I would upload my multimedia work, but the bounds of technological advancement prevent me. Its a powerpoint, of massive proportions and of endless mega kila giga bites. If anyone figures how one might load it, I shall concider it. This might be why I could never find any other multimedia...