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    those who have school formals after the HSC??

    ours is the 9th december... really late b'coz our school has IB as well and their exams dont finish till late november and all the dates clashed with schoolies... but yeah im excited :D w00t formalness
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    entertainment VET

    i only wrote 4 for one essay and 6 for the other. how can u not know how your gonna do for the vet part? you just either pass all ur competencies or you dont... we passed all ours months ago???
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    People who are specialized

    i'm pretty specialised into 'arts' or whatever you want to call i - 3u eng - 2u religion - drama - music 1 - entertainment i didn't do maths because i knew i wouldn't work in it, therefore not get good marks so obviously whats the point in doing a subject your going to fail? i don't...
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    Official : Whats the worste thing a student has done to a TEACHER!

    i wrote "mr wong smells" in my mathsbook in year 9... and he kept me back after class and cried... i felt bad, i didn't mean it literally!
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    Entertainment Industry

    yeah, we use phaidon stuff, its good. it will impropve, but for now... lucky the exam was easy :D the hands on stuff is the best... but year 12 we mainly did theory coz we did prac all of year 11 and realised we needed to do more theory lol
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    entertainment VET

    easssssy! so little detail! so broad! i expected it to be sooo much harder than that. it was tops! i didnt like the first two essay questions much. but i did 22 & 23... so much to write for the last question... but half an hour isnt much yeah but meh. how much did everyone write?
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    JMC Academy 2006

    w000t yes. MBM :D
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    in one sentence: my IP/GP is about...

    GP: womannequin - the history of the mannequin and how real women mirror mannequins - comic/physical piece IP: ARP... boring... hehe
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    year 12 muckup days

    we had 'fun-day' this year - we weren't allowed come in till 10 and we all put in $20 to contribute to our last week of school... so we had a sleepover on the tuesday and planned our 'fun-day' assembly... then the wednesday we dressed up in random school uniforms... then 'fun-day' we came in at...
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    Entertainment Industry

    yeah... your right a babysitting course. I'm coming second or third, and I don't study much. we had about 20 at the beginning of year 11... now we have 6 or 7 i think. i wanna get my cert 4 at tafe tho coz half the stuff i did that i thought could count towards wont... coz its stage...
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    Entertainment Industry

    in other words, this course is so new and hasn't got properly qualified people teaching it we should all just take random guesses - coz no matter how much we study we're still gonna need a lot of luck
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    Entertainment Industry

    yeah, c is the most obvious, i suppose if the question specified that other things plugged into the power were working though it would be to check the connection. Are people studying for this exam, or relying on the common sense that seems to be the answer to most questions? lol
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    Who does not give a rats ass abt the HSC? =P

    i'm not phased. I'm going to a college next year - and it's still possible for me to get a degree by going there, I just don't need a UAI. Uni isn't the be all and end all, I just don't feel its the right place for me - i think the place i'm going is due to the learning environment also the...
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    New Best Private School

    i agree - MLC goes nutso with pockets... i never put mine on lol i live right behind kings - i have a good friend and as much as i love him, he has a typical attitude bred into him. but as i said before - you cant classify a whole school! if you were gonna do taht then i'd have to be asian -...
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    How many exams do YOU have?

    7 during HSC, music and drama performances earlier
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    New Best Private School

    I go to MLC, and my school is pretty into sport, it is compulsory to a degree I'm just good at gettingout of things. Something my school is into is music, and I'm involved in that. It all depends what your priorities are. Some people say they send their kids to private schools to get a high UAI...
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    New Best Private School

    the problem with this entire thread is that its a generalisation you ask which public schools are snobby - no school is snobby, there will always be some percentage of the student body that has a snobby attitude - coz its the people not the school. yes private schools may enhance that, and i...
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    New Best Private School

    who cares? theres pros and cons of different schools. personally, im glad i've had the oppurtunities of a private school - but there are still many in public schools too. I'm looking at a UAI of mid 70's prolly and im at a private school - but who cares, i've done things at the school which...
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    Entertainment Industry

    yup that is exactly right. UAI comes 100% from HSC i have a feeling all VET courses are like that. Good luck all =)