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    Post Your UAI's Here

    i got an 88.55! I am absolutely stoked! Was aiming for 78 so i can't be happier. i think we need to give kudos to the boredofstudies website, as they have most definitely allowed me to achieve to my potential. the hints, tips and how-to's have benifited me most significantly. :)
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    HSC Question (5marks)

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    do we HAVE to know a case study

    Labour (internationalisation of the labour market) Investment Flows Financial Flows Trade Flows International Business Cycle Technology Pretty well increases in these..
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    It is like a fringe benefit.
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    It's definately 22, as she gets a payment the day she was born.
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    Wrong mate.. Original cost was $20. GST=10% of original price ie- $2.00
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    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    I hope you don't reach your expectations. I also hope you get a UAI low enough so that you don't get any of your university preferences. Wake up to yourself, and think about others for once instead of being full of yourself. Bytheway, you probably spend so much time studying for maths that: a)...
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    2007 Economics Marathon

    As the government spends money, private industry must be prepared to provide the output demanded by the government. In order to do this businesses must invest in capital to increase their productivity. This is an effect of government spending wherein the government actually stimulates...
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    microeconomic essay question HELP PLZ

    Talk about how a decrease in protection leads to an increase in productivity. This is because an increase in competition leads to business firms needing to improve efficiency (technical, allocative, dynamic) in order to survive. Probably include a definition of Structural Change in there as...
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    Bachelor of Education (Primary)

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    Bachelor of Education (Primary)

    I agree completely, but who is to say that the person in question doesn't only use this form of shorthand for forum/internet purposes? I have also found an article that extrapolates teacher opinion from the 2006 english HSC, which found that many year 12 students are using shorthand in their...
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    Bachelor of Education (Primary)

    have you got a copy of that test? so i can see what i'm in for? ;) cheers
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    Bachelor of Education (Primary)

    Give them a break.. they are just typing shorthand to make it quicker.. Obviously they don't spell like this generally, it is just internet lingo.. Maybe you should read up on this, and possibly even learn some for yourself ;)
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    ok.. here is a response for you.. Disadvantages they face: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders face a number of disadvantages. These include: Language Barriers Lack of Educational Opportunity Racism Cultural Barriers Mechanisms in place: - Acts which remove disadvantages...
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    Economics is so boring

    lol. lame.
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    Essay Predictions

    Anyone predicting legal studies essays? im guessing it won't be law reform, even though it was in the cssa trial ;)
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    Predictions for Essays

    Thanks william and benny.. yer man, i know your first name cos this is sherry!!! yeew
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    Predictions for Essays

    Anyone game enough to predict the HSC essays...? Give reasoning xx
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    settle down. far out. give them a break.
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    CSSA Business Studies Trial 2007!

    yeh that was hard.. i put vision.. not strategic thinking..