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    Train passes for those heading to uni in the city

    goto the cityrail website for ticket prices and compare... also for UNSW you need to consider bus fare (u can get a combined bus/train ticket) p.s. you should also consider how often you use trains etc. on the weekends/outside of uni because with a weekly ticket you can travel most places...
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    Design vs Digital Media?

    to be perfectly honest with you, you should give TAFE a go... their 2 yr Graphic Design diploma is really good and will qualify you to get into the industry
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    Help!! Architecture

    Good. Fairly Easy. Yes.
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    Balancing work/study at Uni?

    yo yo, design can take up abit of time outside uni hours... but you should still be able to comfortably work about 15hrs or so part time each week, lots of places hire uni students so dont worry bout that - try cafes,retail stores or maybe some bar work
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    Stuck between Tourism and Marketing

    B Business at UTS with a double major of Tourism and Marketing...
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    Would anyone ever hope for a recession?

    Interesting... I don't know too much about economics, but my line of thinking was similar to banco55's, would a recession now be beneficial for us Gen Y kids... as by the time things start to come round we will have finished our degrees > employment market won't be so competitive, housing prices...
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    Would anyone ever hope for a recession?

    Hypothetically speaking, could a recession be good for Australia in the near future? Discuss... (from both egocentric and altruistic perspectives)
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    Bachelor of Design: Illustration?

    Hey there, if your set on Illustration then I wouldn't recommend the Design degree, cos as you said you'll be fiddling with furniture,jewellery etc... You should actually consider Fine Arts at COFA majoring in Drawing or Printmaking streams... check this guy out for proof -...
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    cofa, sca or uts?

    Design at COFA is probably your best pick for Jewellery... "Reputation" isn't really that big a factor in Object design - If your Jewellery is good; people will be interested in you!!
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    Interior Architecture at UNSW? or Bach. Design COFA

    BIT LATE, BUT... Design at COFA starts off pretty intense, but after awhile you'll learn how to better manage your time and you'll get things done alot easier. Its a good degree and you can combine Object Design (Read: Furniture) with Interior design, cos you pick 2 studios to major in.
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    Job Prospects For Digital Media

    Digital Media is all the rage in Marketing/Advertising these days (just think about how much motion graphics,animation,flash and video content has increased on tv and the internet in the last few years) so you wont have much trouble getting work... You wouldn't need a post-grad business...
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    Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Art Education

    Re: how is it? well basically you learn to become an art teacher, but also learn some design so you can teach in the industrial technology faculty of schools too... i have a few friends doing it and they seem to enjoy it
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    I've Lost My Art Diary!

    well its good that you found it but you wouldnt of been completely stuffed because your art diary is only needed in the hsc marking if the judges call for it for a special reason i.e. dont quite understand your concept or process
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    Naming Body Of Work

    seriously... the name isn't that important... one thing i found that was good was using a two part name... random example: 'Phantasmagoirical Flamingos - A Study of Ebbs and Flows' i think this way always sounds pretty good because you can include something hell abstract and also something...
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    a competitive industry?

    if you don't get hired due to your skin colour you'll have a sweet legal case and a huge compensation payout... so its win win really
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    media and communications

    ask eddie mcguire
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    graphic design

    its so stupid that they ask for a portfolio for design
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    What is everyone doing for their Major?

    yeah fuck these art teachers that tell you what to do! my teacher let us do pretty much anything and always offered constructive critiscism that actually helped us to develop our own process... not some bullshit style conjured up to please the masses... kuntss!
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    What if...

    worrying about it aint going to achieve anything... if you still have time, work on it and hopefully you can increase the mark you get... if not try your hardest to forget about it for now and focus on your other subjects and your art theory exam... try laughing
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    yeah just get as many degrees as you can