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  1. simplistic

    This year's Pharmacy cut-off

    yeh well you gta take into consideration the stat marks too. i got UAI 94.5 and got in with a stat mark of 161 (csp)
  2. simplistic

    physics exam

    oh the depression , daym physics exam it ruined my whole end of hsc mood !!! i cant even party without feeling guilty!! dam dam daaaaaaaaaam
  3. simplistic


    lol did u c the hsc options?? i think ill stick to med hehe it was quite easy ( thought i didnt see astro)
  4. simplistic


    lol i wish i did astro, space is so much more mystical and interesting then studying CAT scans
  5. simplistic

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    coz ur adding it to the 90mL its gna be 810mL
  6. simplistic

    General Thoughts - Chemistry

    ugly exam , didnt have time to cheak over everything properly , hopfully should get all theory correct coz i didnt cheak my calculations a 2nd time and most of them were just guessed answers
  7. simplistic


    tc-99m the best isotope EVER created !! it has like so many uses (thanks to med physics module going on forever about it !)
  8. simplistic

    It was easy! Do you agree?

    yay a really good exam .. had fun contradicting malouf on every basis i could think off :D powerplay was beautiful simply beautiful same question ive been practising for the past year . citizen kane was stupid but easy to manipulate stupid relationships yay maybe i have a chance of a band A...
  9. simplistic

    Section 3

    probly double spaced but still its something being written which takes time ...and 40 mins on 26 pages is insane!
  10. simplistic

    Section 3

    im curious though.. there are people in fact who write around 22-26 pages for the essay .. does anyone know anyone who has done this or have done it themselves ? have they had the time to finish the other 2 sections?
  11. simplistic

    Anyone thinks they have killed the test

    people fail to undertsand that a good analysis and depth for each text requires alot of pages. you cant tell me that someone who makes each sentence valued to answering the question, writing 15 pages getting the same mark as someone who writes as much as possible with limited depth coz they only...
  12. simplistic

    Physical Journey: Unexpected Detours

    obstacles (physical and emtional) challenges choices decisions!! all lead to a change of plans aka detours nice essay questions!!!
  13. simplistic

    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    yay at section 2&3 very nice very good stupid section 1 no time 4 full analysis!!!
  14. simplistic

    Anyone thinks they have killed the test

    section 1- (screwd screwd screwd) 6 pages section 2- (killed killed killed it :D) 7 pages section 3-(hoping the same killing impact) 10 pages overall i will ace this paper BUT due to the results of section 1 i am most definitly failing ....better luck with Citizen Kane!
  15. simplistic

    Physical Journey: Unexpected Detours

    it could have been worse least you could easily intergrate the thesis in it
  16. simplistic

    Section 1

    that still wont help getting higher marks ..but yeh if i only relaxed more instead of cursing all hsc markers i could have understood it better ..stupid english hsc ,cant wait for chem :D
  17. simplistic

    Section 3

    yay very nice question !!! (physical) made better sense than text 3 section hoping on a 13/15 since i hit the question spot on with intertexuality, links with the question etc
  18. simplistic

    Section 2

    nah option b) was easier.. intergrating emotions in any story will score high (the other part depends if the story makes sense) i liked my story simple and reflective
  19. simplistic

    Section 1

    pointless ..absolutly pointless stupid people cant develope a text we can understand in 10 mins!!! hoping i dont fail this part!!
  20. simplistic

    Night you finish exams

    formal shopping!!!!! chances of finding a dress in 10 days: _____( ill say so after i've tried looking) sleep glorious sleep dust my room ( i hate hayfever) heckle everyone who still has exams (buwahaha)