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  1. The Bograt

    Essay on Greek Naval Tactics

    check out herodotus, I'm pretty sure he has a few quotes about those formations
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    we have a quiz??? is it worth anything??
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    hey you guys must be in my class... I was the guy that crapped on about Europa when we used those little voting devices...
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    Historical Period Notes: Greece 500-440BC ~ UPDATED

    I still have my essays from last year on Greece 500-440 (great period) and this is the first time I have been on here since I got my UAI cause someone PMed me about them! I think I also have a few essays and sparta stuff Can't work out how to put em on so email/msn me and I'll send them over...
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    Help - Cannot post messages

    My friend has just created a new account and it will not let her post messages or create topics. She has activated her account and she gets the message: you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient...
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    What does a CAFS case study imply?

    What are the requirements for a case study in CAFS, and how is it structured? Thanks
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    Your Parents. What do they think?

    My mum cried I got 95.55 so they were tears of joy I guess
  8. The Bograt

    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    I got 95.55 CAN'T BELIEVE IT
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    hey, is there any parties beside the party week parties at the gold coast?

    I swear Schoolies accidentally gave me party week tickets for free... I probably wont go to them anyway
  10. The Bograt

    taking grog on the plane

    whoever said pick it up duty free at Coolangatta is a genius, thankyou! Though I might need to bring an empty suitcase with me...
  11. The Bograt

    That gay multiple choice question

    Ah ok yeah you are right Damn
  12. The Bograt

    Quanta to Quarks

    I just wrote conservation of energy and momentum - it just said to name them right?
  13. The Bograt

    Quanta to Quarks

    Who else found it pretty simple, apart from that particle accelerator question?
  14. The Bograt

    multiple choice

    Thats reassuring, I really hope it isn't D since I changed my answer from D to B.
  15. The Bograt

    That gay multiple choice question

    I agree with derek
  16. The Bograt

    Michael Jordan

    Sounds like an english response to me... (not that it isn't right)
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    Circular motion

    Shit I said that the velocity was not constant since the car was changing direction, but the speed was constant. I said that the friction created a net force since it contributed to the centrepedal motion, in that it was like the tension force. This force acted horizontally to the car and...
  18. The Bograt

    who answered every question?

    The other ends were south, so there was a north and south which is correct
  19. The Bograt

    who answered every question?

    Yeah I did, used up all the writing space Who knows what 3 things were wrong with the motor? I got 2 of them (made up the third) - No power source - Coils not connected to commutators
  20. The Bograt

    multiple choice

    I asked the guy first in our year, he said 6 was A, but I told him how I did it, and he said B was right. It is accelerating away UNIFORMLY, so the line is at a straight slant