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  1. Sharkeh

    Creative writing lol..

    I was a caterpillar!!! Then got out of the exam, realised for the entire exam I spelt caterpillar wrong... *stabs face, dies*
  2. Sharkeh

    Self-learning or tutoring?

    Having tried both tutoring AND self learning, I can honestly say that they both have pros and cons With tutoring, there is a safety net of sorts. You know that your likely to be learning the correct stuff, because your tutor teaches you. However, as is previously mentioned in this post, you...
  3. Sharkeh

    Weight Of Your School Bag.

    About 9kgs...
  4. Sharkeh

    Would you date you?

    God no I'm far too annoying, I smell bad, i'm selfish.... Oh and i'm a ranga :burn: (Head on fire, not the angry at being a ranga idea - RANGA PRIDE!)
  5. Sharkeh

    Intolerable and maturity.....

    Your getting it Due to previous actions, people now have a pre-conceived image of you ... Basically what i'm trying to say is you should of tried harder to make a better first impression
  6. Sharkeh

    What was the last CD you bought?

    Black Fingernails, Red Wine - Eskimo Joe???? Before that, we have to go back a loooooong time... Probably to... Conspiracy of One - Offspring
  7. Sharkeh

    Is this weird?

    Gonna have to go with what everyone else is saying Tell your mate the sister has a STD, then go for the threesome
  8. Sharkeh

    How many words can you write in 40 minutes?

    Yeh that works really well Just get 2 rubbers and stickytape them to the end of your pen. As you get quicker, find something heavier Masturbating also helps... Last years did that, but there was one kid who forgot to take the weights off during the exam... Poor fool Like seriously, just...
  9. Sharkeh

    Trials Thoughts/Results

    Re: The 'I CBF TO STUDY/DO WORK AFTER TRIALS' thread My trials are still going And i've barely done any study... I think I need to gain motivation to start studying, let alone start studying AGAIN
  10. Sharkeh

    Fav. Teacher sayings?

    English teacher once told me that the way to success in HSC English was SEXY PARAGRAPHS And my Ancient teacher threatens to sing every time we won't shut up.
  11. Sharkeh

    Favourite Students' Quotes

    In Ancient History we were watching a re-enactment of the death of Ice Man STUDENT: "So wait, they recorded him dying? Why didn't they help him!!!"
  12. Sharkeh

    Im Gonna Turn My Life Around

    Good luck to you man But yeh, stop shooting the shit... Just dumb
  13. Sharkeh

    What are some funny teacher's comments you've recieved on an exam paper?

    I've gotten what was essentially an ATFQ before in English... Just more wordy; "A good effort, but your answer had nothing to do with the question" I also have a feeling the same thing is going to happen when I get my trial English AOS back
  14. Sharkeh

    Trials Thoughts/Results

    Re: Trial results Christ... I'm still doing my trials Have my English Modules on Tuesday, ITVET in Thursday. We aren't getting our results back until Week 8 *sadface*
  15. Sharkeh

    I only work under pressure

    The glass has half the amount of water it is able to hold... :D But back on topic: I do better under pressure, but then it shits everyone else cause I go hermitstyle until i'm done
  16. Sharkeh

    Asian Guys dating White girls...

  17. Sharkeh

    Today's CSSA Paper

    This probably sounds stupid, but what does CSSA stand for? Catholic Schools Standard Assessment????
  18. Sharkeh

    your current favourite song

    Cobra Starship - The Church of Hot Addiction SAW THEM LAST NIGHT AT ACER!!!!! F***ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Sharkeh

    Who has done the best cover of a song?

    Don't know if anyone has said it before, i'm lazy and just went to the last page, but... Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
  20. Sharkeh

    To those who are considering to do this subject

    CSSA? I have my trial for IT next week Are Trials and CSSA the same? CSSA = Something to do with Catholic Schools?