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  1. Sarah_Lou

    English Essay Memorisers!!!

    i got 90 for both eng adv and ext 1 with practically memorised essays!
  2. Sarah_Lou

    Recalculating UAI

    contrary to someone's beliefs, sor scales up majorly. im not sure about one unit, but the 2 unit sor that i did scales up so high, its like chem and ext subjects.
  3. Sarah_Lou

    parents gifts for getting good in hsc ? or no gifts :(

    when i finished my exams mum and dad got me the series of sex and the city on dvd. i got it before my marks got back, just for applying myself and working hard.
  4. Sarah_Lou

    95+ with a simultaneous part time job?

    i had a part time job and got 95.10
  5. Sarah_Lou

    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    my parents were great during the hsc. they never pressured me, but gently nudged me in the right direction at times when i was getting sidetracked. they were very very supportive, and i dont think i would have done half as well without them (95.10). my mum cried when i told her my uai, she said...
  6. Sarah_Lou

    Recalculating UAI

    i dont get the uai system either. i mean, my marks were: eng adv: 90 eng ext 1: 45/50 pe: 93 sor 2U: 93 music: 91 mathematics: 75 ok, so maths wasnt so great, and maybe pe and music dont scale that well, but.. i got 95.10, not that im not absolutely THRILLED with that mark, it's...
  7. Sarah_Lou

    What UAI did you get?

    HSC RESULTS: English Advanced: 90, Band 6 English Extension One: 45/50, Band E/4 Mathematics: 75, Band 4 PDHPE: 93, Band 6 Music: 91, Band 6 SOR 2U: 93, Band 6 uai: 95.10 absolutely stoked!
  8. Sarah_Lou

    What HSC marks did you get?

    adv eng: 90 ext 1 eng: 45 mathematices: 75 pe: 93 sor 2u: 93 music: 91 sam gave me 95.70
  9. Sarah_Lou

    Failure to indicate?

    i forgot also! so did another girl in my class! i didnt have a title either...who said u need a title?
  10. Sarah_Lou

    How did you find the EE1 HSC Paper?

    i wrote 12 for creative writing, and 16 for the essay. not even going to guess what mark i got!
  11. Sarah_Lou


    that was my last hsc exam! and, what can i say...IT WAS GREAT!
  12. Sarah_Lou

    PICIS and The Jakarta Declaration

    lol, i didn't enjoy ANY of core one - i hated it!
  13. Sarah_Lou

    PICIS and The Jakarta Declaration

    what's the E stand for? consolidate and expand?
  14. Sarah_Lou


    jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez i think it's pretty fair to say that, although it is written in the syllabus stuff about barriers - a lot of people were shocked to find it in a 5 mark question no-one seems to have remembered their teacher spending HEAPS of time on it i think its only...
  15. Sarah_Lou

    PICIS and The Jakarta Declaration

    omg i used PICIS too! wow....i thought i was such an individual, lol (im supposed to be studying for ext eng also, hehehe)
  16. Sarah_Lou

    POMO: How To Use Supplementary Texts

    i integrate my supp. texts into my essay according to PM techniques. each para is about a certain PM technique.
  17. Sarah_Lou


    lol...its not good trying to persuade ppl! everyone will have different opinions on the exam. i found the multiple choice and cores to be pretty average and basically the same as previous years. the options however, were of a different style to previous years (i have done 2001-2004) so people...
  18. Sarah_Lou

    Basic Thoughts & Opinions on Music 1

    everything gets scaled doesnt it? i dunno, maybe music just holds its own??
  19. Sarah_Lou

    PDHPE exam was a sick joke

    i dont think it was easy or hard just BLOODY BORING
  20. Sarah_Lou

    Did anybody else find the exam easy?

    i didn't think it was 'easy as piss' - you have to be careful saying that, coz it'd be funny if you went bad. i just thought it lacked substance, it was BORING and didnt give you a chance to show the examiners that you had studied. multiple choice and section 1 was ok, but the options were...