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  1. Premus

    Post your HSC Marks + UAI for SAM 04 results

    English Adv - 82 Maths Ext 1 - 94 Maths Ext 2 - 91 Physics - 91 Chemistry - 90 Software Design & Development - 91 2004 UAI - 97.55 2003 UAI - 98.45 :)
  2. Premus

    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    i got 97.55 ! Very very HAPPY :)
  3. Premus

    Honour roll 90+ / meet the premier?

    Is the All- Rounders List already in the paper? If so, can someone pls give me the link? Thanks a bunch!! Congrats everyone :)
  4. Premus

    Official HSC Results Thread: So how did u go?

    Im very happy with my results: Chemistry 2 90/100 90/100 90 6 English (Advanced) 2 85/100 78/100 82 5 Mathematics Extension 1 2 94/100 94/100 94 E4 Mathematics Extension 2 2 91/100 90/100 91 E4 Physics 2 91/100 91/100 91 6 Software Design and Development 2 91/100 91/100 91 6...
  5. Premus

    Advice for those in Year 10

    I think if u want to perform well , you should start working hard from the beginning of Yr 11. Yeah, it gets boring....but then Yr 12 becomes much more relaxed. but always remember to have lots of fun at yr 12!!! :)
  6. Premus

    bibliography help

    These might help :) MAP OR CHART “Title of map or chart in quotation marks.” Name of atlas or source underlined. City/State/Country...
  7. Premus

    Getting Results

    hmmmm so i guess ill be up at 3 AM since im in singapore!!
  8. Premus


    yeah i do think about how i answered questions in my exams.... Well as long as we know that we have done our best and put in the effort... there's nothing more we can ask for! So lets enjoy !! :)
  9. Premus

    ipod - worth it?

    ok thanks! Ive heard that the battery lasts for a certain amount of time....and then u cant replace it! and u have to get a whole new ipod!! is this true?
  10. Premus

    ipod - worth it?

    Hey guys right now i have a creative 64mb mp3 player( it can only hold about 15 songs). do u think an ipod would be worth getting? and do u recommend 10Gb or 20 Gb? any suggestions? Thanks :)
  11. Premus

    HSC aligned marks

    Cheers! Thanks!
  12. Premus

    HSC aligned marks

    Hey just want to clarify this... Assessment Marks: Student 1 : 90 ( rank - 1) Student 2 : 85 ( rank - 2) HSC exam mark Student 1 : 87 Student 2 : 89 What happens to their overall HSC aligned mark? Ive read in other threads that one person will get the other persons mark.... im...
  13. Premus

    Silly Mistake

    Hey For the 2004 HSC exam q1d) i got b = -1 instead of -2 (lose 1 mark) so for the next part i used this value and did everything correctly- do i lose another mark for using the wrong value? THanks
  14. Premus

    projectile question

    it doesnt haha sorry im talking abt the next question and yeah i got the range to be approx. 220 m
  15. Premus

    projectile question

    umm the velocity of the space ship or something
  16. Premus

    projectile question

    1600 something like that for the velocity
  17. Premus

    HSC 2002 Multiple Choice q 10

    " but u can take flux as having some kind of "direction" and having negative flux enables u to have negative gradient in a flux-time graph which sorta simplifies things because you can then say that the EMF is the gradient of the tangent to the curve." ummm sorry abt this confusion...but...
  18. Premus


    The answer says 2 is D ....and how do u explain whether they move in the same direction of the field or not? and for question 3, from memory my teacher said it would be going from south to north (something to do with a compass)...can anyone pls clear this up? Thanks
  19. Premus


    1. What is the colour of cathode rays ? (when they glow at the anode?) 2. When an electric field is placed across a semiconductor: A) electrons in the conduction band move in the direction of the field, while holes in the valence band move in the opp direction to the field. B)electrons...
  20. Premus

    2003 hsc question 16(a) and (b) This thread should help you :)