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  1. meteorangela

    UTS Semester 2: 2008 Buying & Selling Books Thread

    SELLING 1. International Marketing 13e Cateora and Graham RRP $120.95 Selling for $90 EXCELLENT CONDITION 2. CCH Australian Taxation Law 2008 + Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2008) Package RRP $189 Selling for $120 EXCELLENT CONDITION 3. Services...
  2. meteorangela

    Having crushes with someone YOUNGER THAN YOU??? OMG

    having a crush on someone younger than you is alright i reckon, as long as its within 2 yrs. i'm 18 so i guess i'd go out with a 16 and a half yr old.. hmm okay i dont know. i'd have to like him a lot. i dont know but him being 13 is just tad too young.. but i spose if its real then go for it
  3. meteorangela

    Is IPT your last exam?

    hey!! yeah, that is what i was thinking last night! but thanks for letting us know~ :)
  4. meteorangela

    Is IPT your last exam?

    OK well i'm having a panic attack at the moment, because i realised that FOR TWO YEARS,. I HAVE LEARNT NOTHING IN IPT!!!!!!! Absolutely NOTHING. I have done nothing either. Neither has our class. I can't do past papers. sigh. Shoulnd't have chosen it.. argh
  5. meteorangela

    Is IPT your last exam?

    SAme with me!!!! IPT is the last one, and after that ---------> FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  6. meteorangela

    Mathematics - General thoughts on the exam

    Really? Which bits were Ext 1?! I couldn't really tell:confused: Haha. But I knew some were damn hard, like I couldn't do them, but I didn't know they were Ext 1....
  7. meteorangela

    Estimate Marks

    Q1: 12 Q2: 12 Q3: 12 Q4: 12 Q5: 9 Q6: 10 Q7: 11 Q8: 7 Q9: 5 Q10: 7 97/120 =81%!!!! ARGH. i suck. terrible.
  8. meteorangela

    How do you think you'll go

    crappily. very crappily. i hate maths. but its OVER!
  9. meteorangela


    I picked B. I thought Lewin did both models.. Sigh, i'm hating this multiple choice thing.. they were so.. ugh!
  10. meteorangela

    Multiple Choice Answers Comparison

    ok i got 14/20 for MC. i'm screwed, i tell you, SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. meteorangela

    Q. 17 Multiple Choice

    I chose B but i thnk A is correct :(
  12. meteorangela

    Did you finish?

    What?! :confused: that's just weird. what is the point of stayin for 3 hours and not doing anything. i reckon that would be a real put off if i sat next to them, maybe i go to a goodie goodie school. ok actually yes i go to a good girl school. nobody leaves early, everyone stays and writes their...
  13. meteorangela

    Did you finish?

    Whoah ... did they even finish the paper, after one hour i hadn't even started on my extended and report yet... Jeez. No one left our exam and i don't think anyone wil'. I didn't even know we were aLLOWED to. haha that's how much i listen to that stuff.
  14. meteorangela

    Band 6 cut off

    Hmm i'm not sure.. but i's say about 85-90%
  15. meteorangela

    How Long 4 Extended & Report?

    1 hour each, report - 11 pages extended - 13 pages
  16. meteorangela

    Predictions - were you right or wrong?

    haha well i honestly didn't say, "i think it will be...." BUT i actually said, last night to my dad, "i think it'd be great if it was marketing and financial" .. so there we go!! haha.
  17. meteorangela

    How many pages ?

    report : 11 pages extended response: 13 pages
  18. meteorangela

    Multiple Choice Answers Comparison

    ok.. well i'm hoping that half of those answers are wrong cos i only got 13 for that!! :(... ah business studies is bad..
  19. meteorangela

    Cityrail Service Delays (23.10.06)

    mm i;m so lucky i got driven to school.. but then it took me 2 hours to get home after the exam yesterday!!! I ONLY LIVE 20MIN AWAY FROM MY SCHOOL!! STUPID cityrail!!!!
  20. meteorangela

    Essays were heaps essay

    Ohi am absolutely happy that it is over. NO MORE EFFING ENGLISH FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm just glad they were all essays. just write down what you know ;)