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    Were 2020 and 2021 HSC exams easier?

    Stupid question, but because of the two covid waves in 2020 winter and 2021 spring, did NESA make the two HSC exams easier for the past two years, or did difficulty did not change at all?
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    Strats for short answers?

    If an extract is too long to read, like 3 whole pages, would the strategy be just skim through it and discuss any figurative language I've found in it, or do I actually have to spend minutes reading through it and fully understanding the text? How do people even answer unseen questions like...
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    Late-October federal budget - how is it going to affect 2022 HSC Economics?

    . I don't want to rewrite one of my preplanned economics essays because the government announces a new budget literal days before the Economics HSC. I'm down on the lower bands in economics; it's also my lowest contributor with a significant...
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    Can I use a pencil in HSC? Also can I use a blue pen?

    Pens feel too "slippery" for me to write with, while I feel like a pencil has the perfect (or rather adapted) friction for me to write with. All my trials have comments about near-illegible handwriting, and recently I'm convinced it's because of using pens. I used a pencil for my chemistry trial...