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    Textiles MTP price

    I spent like 250
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    Regiment Building

    Anyone live/lived here? Experiences?
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    Practice speaking answers

    Practice answers
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    Verb Conjugation worksheet

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    French notes

    on every topic
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    Human Rights notes

    Includes human trafficking
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    Legal Notes (Crime, HR, Family, World Order)

    In depth notes on all units
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    FEAS acceptance rate?

    What are the odds of getting into UNSW engineering through FEAS? I got an 83.05... would they rather take an 92 with an average application or an 83 with a really good application? My situation is that i could put USYD at the top and 100% get in (due to my 80 conditional offer) or gamble with...
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    How hard/easy is it for 2 (going to be) first year university students to rent in Sydney, knowing that neither of us have any rent history and we are 2 18 year olds. A lot of people have told me that finding a place that will rent to you is near impossible, is this true? And if so any tips?
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    im going to cry regardless haha
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    I reckon, or just read a syllabus haha Will students be asked to analyse a text prescribed for Module C in an examination response? No. The examination questions for this module will not explicitly focus on critical analysis. Students engage with texts critically in order to appreciate the...
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    Thats what im thinking haha, i dont have any memorised
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    Since it is a massive 'wtf'
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    Hi, when taking any of the computing courses are you required to have your own laptop in tutorials or can you use the ones there? Just wondering if it is worth buying a good laptop for coding or buying a normal/cheap laptop and using the ones there for coding
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    Ipad Pro or Macbook Pro

    Which do you recommend? Both have pros and cons, i was 100% ipad pro until i realised that i will have to do a lot of coding in my degree. I have an imac at home
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    Havent done hsc physics

    How screwed will i be if i do an engineering course without completing hsc physics/ chemistry
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    Should i drop to 10 units??

    My current decision is whether to drop legal. I currently do english advanced, math, ext 1 math, ext 2 math, legal, french and textiles. I HATE legal and im average at it, with ALOT of work i could maybe pull a 90% in the hsc. I really want to drop it but im nervous about what will happen if i...
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    Preparation for Year 11

    Hey i can only help with some of these subjects, but this is what i would suggest: Overall: If you know who your teachers are i would go to see them before the end of term, ask them for any resources eg textbooks. Your teachers should be one of your best resources (while mine are at least)...