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  1. terushi

    Script examples submitted for Ext 2?

    I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find examples of scripts that have been written for Extension 2. I've found, like, 2. I've also looked through the resources on here and have found only one (maybe I haven't been looking well enough). Is there anywhere that I can find film scripts that...
  2. terushi

    Re-sitting a loud exam?

    :( This seems about right. The exam was worth 25% of my internal mark, and because of the distractions I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a mark of less than 40%. Is there any way I can still get a band 6 if I can't resit? Do I just have to do very well in every other assessment/exam?
  3. terushi

    Re-sitting a loud exam?

    We had an exam today that we sat in terrible conditions. There was: – music – a loud, screaming teacher next door (SUPER thin walls) – construction That was happening for the majority of the exam today in less than a 3 metre radius. It was a practical exam as well, and the time allocated...
  4. terushi

    2018 HSC Studies of Religion Exam Thoughts

    Congrats to all the people who have finished their HSC at this point! The last few questions of multiple choice really stumped me. And I just knew they would pull a "reference TWO major traditions" somewhere in the exam. I had this weird feeling that that would happen.
  5. terushi

    Which is marked the best? Composition, Viva, or Performance?

    With what configuration of electives is it easiest or of a higher likelihood to get a high band 6 in Music 1? I initially wanted to do 1 elective perfomance and 2 elective compositions, but I sort of assume that compositions and performances are very hard to achieve high marks in unless they...
  6. terushi

    Did I make the right choice?

    Hey, thanks for the encouragement! I guess there really isn't anything I can do now but accept the choices I've made for Year 12. I don't think I can fathom doing both MX1 and EX2 either. Thanks again for the help + positivity!
  7. terushi

    Did I make the right choice?

    So after prelims I was feeling somewhat defeated and had to really re-evaluate what subjects I wanted to take into year 12. At the end of term I decided to drop MX1 and pick up EX2 for year 12, as well as drop Chem. However, before prelims I was planning to keep Music 1 and somehow have it...
  8. terushi

    how will I do 4U now?

    I think culling half the cohort is my teacher's plan, actually. the 3u class for this year's hsc is close to half the size of ours now. i'll also be completing an accelerated sor course this year, so when counted next year i'll have done 4 subjects. but thanks for your suggestions. i was hoping...
  9. terushi

    how will I do 4U now?

    so... I've been doing pretty bad with maths recently. mainly due to extreme procrastination (only studying the night before) and other things, but i feel like i've screwed everything up for myself. 1st assessment i was ranked 1st in 2U (mark was not 100%), and a bit higher than middle in 3U. my...
  10. terushi

    Creatives vs. Essays?

    In Advanced so far, every piece I’ve written has been a creative. I enjoy writing creatives more than essays. I’m worried that I’m focusing too much on creative pieces and that I’ll encounter a question in an exam that is better suited to be answered with an essay. I’ve expressed this to my...
  11. terushi

    How are rankings calculated?

    It seems like a pretty easy concept, but I'm still a bit confused. Does your ranking come from your position in your most recent assessment? Or does it come from the average of all your marks in a subject so far in comparison to the average of your peers in that class? If the 1st option...
  12. terushi

    Should I do this with my 14 units?

    I'm completing 14 units for prelim. These include: 3U Maths 3U English Physics Chem Music 1 SOR II (compulsory) I'm currently doing SOR accelerated and I really don't like it. With such heavy subjects, I'm thinking of dropping down to SOR I so I have more time in Year 12 as I also...
  13. terushi

    Help with subject selection!

    Hi there, I'm having a bit of grief over the last subject to pick for prelims. I've already chosen, but I'm seriously considering changing one of my subjects. I've picked 3U Math, 3U English, Physics, Chem, SOR II and Music 1. These past few weeks I've been thinking I shouldn't have picked...
  14. terushi

    Combo of rankings needed to get a 99+ ATAR?

    Hopefully this is an interesting enough question. Say, for example, that a person holds a combination of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rankings in each of their subjects (10 units). In what circumstance would a student with a combo of these rankings be able to achieve an atar of 99 or above? A...
  15. terushi

    Maths success stories/how to improve drastically in maths?

    I love maths, I really do, but it's one of my worst subjects. Although I'll be receiving an A for this semester's report, my half-yearly exam was horrible. The first half was a general, all areas exam (why, just why?) and the 5.3 specific half was very unexpected. I ended up getting around 63%...