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  1. M-turkey

    Recommend a subject!

    I know someone who's was doing 5 subjects last year (our second year). It's a lot of work. If you need to take up a part time job (she didn't) I wouldn't recommend overloading. 4 Courses + over 10 hours a week at a job is bad enough. An awesome course, for anyone interested in Science or...
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    the 24-hour computer labs are always a good bet.
  3. M-turkey

    B Economics/B Info Technology

    It's part of APAC (housed in CSIT/RSISE) I think it's below one of the faculty building, but I'm not 100% sure. It's not connected to the Uni network. Undergrads aren't allowed to touch
  4. M-turkey

    Any lovely pictures of ANU?

    I have a few pictures taken around campus: These are from the day of the infamous storm: Behind the Pauline Griffith Building/In Front of the Chifley Library Union Court...
  5. M-turkey

    B Economics/B Info Technology

    I'll just like to assure possible I.T. students, that the ANU faculty is pretty well respected. I do Eng/Sci, so I don't to a lot, but I have done some IT courses and just the faculty a bit. It's mainly Linux and control systems research, but there are some very well respected people in the...
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    New Radiohead - 10th Oct.

    We unpacked the In Rainbows CDs today at Sanity (the Brand Depot store in Canberra). I'd already bought the download, but the excitement, as well as the awesome album packaging made me buy the physical disc. As ever, it's innovative, like an envelope, with stickers to cover a CD case (although...
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    What was the last CD you bought?

    Radiohead - In Rainbows (the physical disc, I paid for the download as well though)
  8. M-turkey

    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread It does seem I jumped the mark with my post, as did the many f1 websites I quoted (i usually just autosport, i guess i should of waited for itv to report it) Still $100 million isn't something to laugh at.
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    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread Newsflash: McLaren excluded from 2007-08 The World Motor Sport Council has decided to exclude McLaren-Mercedes from the 2007 and 2008 Formula One world championship.
  10. M-turkey

    The SDA Union

    I might add though, that I did get a copy of the Live8 concert DVD from the SDA, and I have no idea why, I cant remember entering anything. Anyways, I traded it in to buy Lost Season 2 anyways, cos I already had a copy of Live8
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    Who here actually wants to be an engineer?

    Yeah, sweet jobs in Mining for Civil and Mechanical engineers, there are graduates getting loads of money! However, its not the average life, if you work for a mine, you basically live in its own little "community", away from a City. We had a careers day the other week at Uni, and half the...
  12. M-turkey

    Building a Transformer

    To find an iron ring, it would probably be best just to get something made of steel, it'll do the job. checkout somewhere like Bunnings or somewhere like that. You can insulate it yourself if needed (use tape or something) You can get winding wire from places like Dick Smith, the thicker the...
  13. M-turkey

    Student Exchange at ANU

    I haven't been on an exchange, but I looked into it (for Italy or England). If you want to go in your second year, start organising during first year as it takes a while to organise placements at unis and visas etc. Also see the careers centre (who organise exchanges really well, they do most of...
  14. M-turkey

    Getting FIRED

    I get this all the time at woolies, the new roster goes up and zero shifts... its cos my dept. manager is too lazy to allocate shifts to casuals. Ask for more shifts, if they are unwilling, say you'll find another job.
  15. M-turkey

    The SDA Union

    I was a member of the SDA for about six months, but cancelled my membership back in January. If you really rely on your Job for your livelyhood, then union membership would be good, but if you're casual and/or a student, and don't value your job that much (like me) then its not really worth...
  16. M-turkey

    The Bible

    I'll give some answers to some of the above points: 1) Of Course Christians should read the Old Testament, the OT gives the New Testament its context. Some parts of the Old Testament are ignored because they have become replaced by new ways, there is not longer Human/Animal sacrifice...
  17. M-turkey

    Decreasing demand for IT employees?

    Yeah, IT is like Forensics, both became popular and then there were too many people and not enough jobs. Do Engineering, theres always work for Engineers
  18. M-turkey

    Part Time vs. Casual

    I have worked as both casual and part-time (and am currently casual again and will try to stay that way). As long as you are getting regular casual shifts, I'd stick with it. If you go part-time you lose the casual loading (around 20%) and the benefits you again (sick leave, annual leave...
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    Why is Harry Potter so crap?

    Re: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 21 July 2007 umm... LOTR is actually six books packaged into three.
  20. M-turkey

    Who are you with for Superannuation

    REST, its what pretty much anyone in retail would be with