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  1. guesswhobatman

    You left a message ages ago saying you liked my green day quote in my sig. Thanks haha..It's a...

    You left a message ages ago saying you liked my green day quote in my sig. Thanks haha..It's a classic! :)
  2. guesswhobatman

    Haha thankyou :)

    Haha thankyou :)
  3. guesswhobatman

    Hey New Yr 11's!!!

    Year 10 sucked. But bring on Year 11!! :D
  4. guesswhobatman

    Where in the world have you been?

    Wow, some of you are very very well travelled. I've only been to India, Singapore and Malaysia. :\
  5. guesswhobatman

    How old are you and what ethnicity?

    15, Indian born in Australia
  6. guesswhobatman

    Period pain

    Strong panadol and chocolate = heaven.
  7. guesswhobatman

    Subway Interview

    I have an interview at Subway on saturday and was wondering- what do I wear? Also is pay really that bad (15, 16 in a few months)? Oh well, I guess you get the experience but really? Oh and for anyone that's worked there, did you like it? Cheers..:)
  8. guesswhobatman

    Student commits suicide

    Didn't say you were being racist against your own kind (where'd you get that one from?)... What IS your own kind by the way? Anyway pretty sure saying that one race is superior to the other is racist. Also labelling me as a Jew is pretty racist too considering you don't really know that,are...
  9. guesswhobatman

    Student commits suicide

    Woah.. someone's fired up. Well, I just posted what I knew. More then some people obviously, who've posted on this thread. Oh and good for you... seriously, tell someone that cares about your bigot, racist, ignorant opinions! :)
  10. guesswhobatman

    Student commits suicide

    If you guys don't really know what your talking about, why make such comments? And the whole genepool thing is so ridiculous, I really do hope you lot were being sarcastic or something.. Year 10 in India's a pretty big deal. It's pretty much Year 12( but a whole lot harder). I think there's...