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  1. sami90210

    UTS engineering to UNSW Comm/Eco

    Contemplating moving from UTS Engineering to UNSW commerce and economics but I haven't done economics/business studies etc in the HSC. I also did standard maths. So I was wondering if the commerce/economics double degree would be difficult with no prior knowledge? surely it can't be harder than...
  2. sami90210

    Can i be an engineer if i did general math?

    I'm late to this but to anyone whos reading and wondering the question asked: u absolutely can be an engineer with standard math. you just need self-discipline, that's all
  3. sami90210

    UNSW v USYD engineering?

    Hi all, i want to enrol in civil engineering/arts next year either at unsw or usyd, is there anyone that could tell me which one is more suitable for engineering? thank you
  4. sami90210

    Dropping subjects between trials and HSC

    should i do this? my trials are in 3 weeks and i dont think chemistry will be counted
  5. sami90210

    I'm a civil engineer. Ask me anything you want to know about Civil Eng.

    Are there much women who do civil engineering?
  6. sami90210

    year 10 to 11 holidays, what needs to be studied to prepare for year 11 2U ?

    Hi everyone I am a student from 5.2 math going into Advanced mathematics in year 11. I know I will struggle if I don't spend these holidays preparing for the content in year 11, most of which I don't have background knowledge of as I have been in 5.2. However I will work hard, so if anyone...
  7. sami90210

    chemistry or physics

    really? I'm doing music 1 and drama and that doesn't leave me with a lot of hope because I wanted to drop chemistry lol
  8. sami90210

    chemistry or physics

    i guess u can see humanities as a break from all of the numbers you deal with in the sciency subjects but its good to have a balance of both but I can't speak for myself I'm doing 4 units of performing arts lol
  9. sami90210

    chemistry or physics

    mans can do 3 sciences with 3 unit math but society and culture is a hell no :lol::lol: jk
  10. sami90210

    chemistry or physics

    I guess Society and Culture can be a substitution, as much of our year 11 and 12 syllabus focuses on social and psychological theories
  11. sami90210

    hows everyones holidays

    its so dead here during the holidays how is everyone going yall been studying or what hehe
  12. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    i its hard for me cz I'm stupid lol
  13. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    yes it is and sac is kinda hard
  14. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    that's amazing 2 accelerated classes my prelims were good but my left hand is still dead from all the writing so I hope I did well
  15. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    yess so I can do 8 units in year 12 after I've dropped sac and another subject hbu hows year 10 going
  16. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    yess i do do u
  17. sami90210


    ppl who did SAC prelims how did everyone go omge I'm not gonna be surprised if I get 0 replies cuz the SAC discussions always dry asf
  18. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    wtf I wanna get mine so bad today I had my society and culture prelim my hand still aches from writing
  19. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    lol I picked music 1 as well but we haven't got our timetables yet ffs what else did u do
  20. sami90210

    anyone treating BoS like social media?

    SAME hehehe I'm always on google drive trying to find something but if u wanna talk I'm here cuz I'm always on BoS in class LOL