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  1. Enchantress91

    What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend's doing drugs

    Wow you guys are so open about these things! Fair enough...:)
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    Capital Punishment

    Misread the title at first. Thought this was a thread on decapitation. But taking another human life can never be justified IMO. Think about it, what if there is a teeny tiny possibility that the accused criminal is in fact innocent? Then wouldn't the prosecutors/jury/ sentencing judge all be...
  3. Enchantress91

    what colour nail polish are you wearing?

    OPI's Be a Dahl-ia Won't You? Mmm it's so shimmery, almost like pink foil. Like it alot.
  4. Enchantress91

    last dream you had was..

    Lying facedown and naked in a newly-dug trench. Context: WWI
  5. Enchantress91

    What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend's doing drugs

    Hey guys, I'm not too sure whether there's already an existing thread on this so i decided to start one (coz I can't sleep). I'm SO worried about this. He knows full well that I am against all forms of illicit drugs. He told me a few months ago when we first met that he was clean (at least for...
  6. Enchantress91

    How much do you have to spend on textbooks?

    Holy sh.. almost $1000 just for one semester, that's INSANE! Why buy new books when you could just get used ones in excellent condition for half the price. I'm planning to spend around $300 this sem. Really can't afford to go much higher, coz I don't get paid Youth Allowance, which sucks.
  7. Enchantress91

    fucking timetables

    Great, thanks Meilz for the insight!
  8. Enchantress91

    fucking timetables

    Ohh, cool thanks a bunch!
  9. Enchantress91

    fucking timetables

    I've got a timetable clash on Fri morning between GOVT1101 and WORK1003. How do we know if a lecture has been recorded or not? Btw, has anybody received their USyd student ID in the mail yet? They said it should arrive within 3-5 business days but it's been 7 days and still nothin.
  10. Enchantress91

    Transfer from usyd

    Oh dear! Please explain.
  11. Enchantress91

    Is UWS actually a university?

    I once saw this ad that said something like "Want to meet the smartest guys in law? Come to UWS" I lol'd. :haha: I've got 2 friends who go to UWS. According to them it's not all that bad. But I'd rather go to UOW or CSU than UWS. On the other hand, I still prefer UWS over TAFE.
  12. Enchantress91

    Semester One Results/Predictions

    Try Windows Live instead. My zmail wouldn't load either. Anyway ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I PASSED SEM1!!!!!! YES!!! ======================================================== T1 ACCT1501 Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A....52 PS T1 ECON1101 Microeconomics 1.................73...
  13. Enchantress91

    Semester One Results/Predictions

    Looks like everyone's expecting D's and HD's. I'm just hoping to get a Pass for everything in semester 1.
  14. Enchantress91

    Can people who have gotten a 95+ ATAR with Standard English let me know

    Yeh I got ATAR of 94.30 in 2009 with Standard English, General Maths and PDHPE (quite possibly the worst combination of subjects, I know). Here are my marks: English 86 GenMaths 96 Legal 90 Business Studies 91 PDHPE 88
  15. Enchantress91

    Related Texts for English...HELP!

    Re: Please HELP!...English :( PunkPrincess my dear, my teacher would without a doubt have you murdered and make it look like an accident. We were told to use weighty texts or texts by weighty composers only, if you're after some decent marks.
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    Pumpkin soup Sticky date puddling with caramel sauce Redskins;)
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    Is Advance English WAY Harder than Standard English

    Standard English is very easy if you have a good teacher who knows her stuff (ie. attends HSC English teaching seminars, or if he/she's a marker). Don't do Advanced if you hate anything by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, etc. You still have to analyse things in depth in Standard, just with much better...
  18. Enchantress91

    What do you hate, that most people love?

    Some goths are very good looking actually. What a pity.