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    UAC is a fraud!

    Judging by your English skills you should've been failed at the ELLA test
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    Failed a unit--appeals process?

    Wow you deserve a scholarship for this amazing piece of mathematical deduction
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    Failed a unit--appeals process?

    lala2 I too have failed a unit and so have many people so you're not alone by any means. If you have any questions about the appeals process (at which I'm pretty well versed) please ask
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    Failed a unit--appeals process?

    lala2, in any case the next appropriate step you should take is to make a meeting with the assessor/head of unit. At this meeting you can arrange to see your exam paper. You may find that they missed a question in marking in which case you should be able to resolve the issue on the spot. If...
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    EAS - what now?

    can someone confirm this?
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    EAS - what now?

    Does anything else need to be done for successful EAS applicants or is it all automatic from now
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    Top 200 Schools 2004

    Can We Find Out Uai!????? cAN we and How do we find out our UAIz~! Internet! Fone, Whats the procendure?!
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    The 2004 HSC - Mathematics Extension 2 Paper

    shading left out in the original part
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    The 2004 HSC - Chemistry Paper

    It seemed to be unlike any past hsc
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    English Prescribed Texts

    Oh thanks for posting this it will be most useful tomorrow
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    all my practice essays are so long, theres no way I could write that much in 40 mins, how do you know what to cut out
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    Accidentally smudging the Multiple Choice sheet

    I'm pretty sure HSC multiple choice is computer marked, with a random selection being marked by hand also
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    Prac about factors affecting rate of corrosion

    yeh but I was wondering if anyone had specific results, about Fe2+ concentration, observed amounts of rust, pH of tested samples etc
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    Prac about factors affecting rate of corrosion

    We did this prac were we tested acidity, salt concentration, temperature anddissolved oxygen levels but got some obsecure results could someone post the accepted results for this
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    2004 Independent Trial Paper Here!!

    got solns?
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    physics cssa 04 ^_^

    Has anyone got the test or solutions
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    Science Teachers Association Trial. What did you think?

    Can someone post it up
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    Resources! Tonnes! Paper and paapers! Lets trade

    buchanan could you post that Vieta's formula thing
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    Fermentation of glucose... HELP!!!

    Do you think the limewater is neccessary? It doesn't ask you to identify the gas released
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    How many poems to know

    Sorry I meant ted hughes. Odd I know when i type it i even thought ted hughes