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    SRC Elections 2008

    so um.. who's left-wing and right-wing between kate laing and sara haghdoosti?
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    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread I saw Jana Rawlinson (nee Pittman) at the USyd Sports and Aquatics Centre today. True story.
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    i didnt know they could do that, but they did, and this pisses me off.

    i had a distinction mark for ecof3001 last time i checked admin, i checked again tonight, and it turned into a pass mark. can they do that? fuck. i know noone gives a shit, but i'm so angry/depressed/pissed off right now.
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    What a transcript looks like (Pics)

    thanks stas. thank god they dont have GPA, my marks are shit, hopefully my prospective employer won't be able to do simple mathematical equations to find it.
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    Come meet me at the internship fair!

    yessss!! thanks for the link! i definately need to internship or something.
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    2008 Presidential Election - Obama v McCain

    wtf was with Phil Gramm's 'nation of whiners' remark? someone needs to lynch that idiot.
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    did that match seriously go til 6am? cause like i fell asleep at 1.
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    Query about MYUNI ->MYADMIN marks

    also fuck accounting, no matter how hard u try even in the later courses, u will always borderline pass/fail, unless u r naturally awesome at it. i fucking hate accounting.
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    Query about MYUNI ->MYADMIN marks

    its entire course. sorry guy.
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    Forgot to write SID on exam paper

    don't worry about it.
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    2008 Presidential Election - Obama v McCain

    too bad obama*'s a nigger. *osama.
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    What games are you playing now during the holidays?

    just took me 4 days to finish Final Fantasy XII again. Like for the 8th time?
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    Results and Predictions (Semester 1 2008)

    Re: Results and Predictions (Sem 1 '08) i am fucking dead.
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    did anyone do the ecmt3001 test today and if so..?

    what was with that question about cars? do the businesses buy only one car or do they buy 2 cars if they can? but then again why buy 2 when u can just buy one luxury car? so if personal max limit was 5,000 each for standard and luxury, does the 'personal' party have $10,000 in disposible income?
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    Someone help poor, helpless USyd person?

    so.... when the unsw library says main library end at 10, exam hall ends at midnight, what does this mean?...
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    Someone help poor, helpless USyd person?

    Is the 'pre-examination study hall' IN the Main Library - Kensington? or is the library the actual study hall or something? I do not quite understand.. still, I was quite surprised as to how modern the library looked, Fisher looks quite outdated in comparison.
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    Uni Marks

    nah it all counts. sux, hey.
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    Does God exist?

    so argue on the internet about it.
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    Australian Politics

    Re: Australian Politics Chatter Thread The way Paul Keating destroyed the Liberals in Parliament debates was the stuff of legends. He made parliament time on ABC watchable.
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    Union Board Elections 2008

    so who won?