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    Post your HSC Marks + UAI for SAM 04 results

    Cafs - 91 Pe - 88 Sen Sci - 87 Eng Adv - 83 2u Maths - 69 Sam - 88 04 Uai - 84.15
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    the exam... how'd u go?

    lmao for the disasters option question was the experiment we did when i chucked a hissy fit at my teacher (she called my work 'dodgy') and i swore big time and called her a few not-so-nice things and walked out (well really kicked my way out) and she called after me that that experiment would...
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    Multiple Choice

    7 is definately C....i mustve wrote B cos i wasnt really looking at the question, i just saw the word 'heart'! a pacemaker doesnt control blood flow to the heart!!! my exams are alllllll over, best weekend ivve ever had! IGA rewarded me too, a 4 pack of cruisers for $6.99!!!!!!! good luck with...
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    the exam... how'd u go?

    i thought it was ok, if you knew your stuff it was fine. unfortunately, i didnt study a lot of the things in there. for that 7 mark question about the development of communication systems i wrote about using electromagnetic waves for communication and satellites, but now when i think about it...
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    Multiple Choice

    heres my answer and reasoning 1) C - the phenomenom described is surface tension, which allows C to occur 2) C - it is important for detegents to be broken down and not cause problems in the environment 3) D - the drugs need to be soluble in order to release their medication, and not...
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    cancer morbidity rates (how many people have cancer) have gone up, but only cos of early detection and better detection methods, the actual mortality rates(death) have gone down because of better detection and treatment dunno about injury
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    i dont really get what we need to hand in next week for the IRP plan....anyone who did it last year can help?
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    Supplementary Materials

    u can think of lots of texts for inner journeys ey? spill!
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    Inner Journeys - Some Related Material

    some pretty good related material ive found 1-MANDALAS. type this into a search engine its pretty damn good 2-POETRY. is a pretty damn good site, i'm using one called 'go into the darkness 3-NOVEL. I read a pretty good one its called "The Star Group' ill find out who...