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    Master of Clinical Audiology

    I was wondering if anyone has studied a masters of Audiology (particularly at Macquarie Uni). I'd love to know what the course structure was like, the contact hours and also how easy it was to find a job at the end (and what types of jobs are available). Also, any salary info. would be great...
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    Chances of Getting Into Veterinary Science

    I'm just wondering what my chances would be for getting into Veterinary Science (preferably USYD but any course in Australia). My results are: 2006 ATAR: 95.75 2012 Bachelor of Arts GPA: 6.5 2014 STAT Multiple Choice: Verbal score: 179 [Percentile Rank: 98.7] Quantitative score: 173...
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    Completely confused about gpa

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with a couple of questions. I'm just about to finish a BA but I am thinking of doing another degree (undergraduate). To get a GPA, do I just fill out an application form with UAC? If I fill out this form, does that mean I am given a GPA/UAI...
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    Where for Bachelor of Science in Physics? Astronomy?

    i remember reading somewhere (not sure where) that ANU has the best astronomy course in australia and is in the top 5 in the world- it's meant to be one (if not the)strongest of ANU's subjects.
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    International Travel

    Have You Travelled Overseas? Yes If yes, Where? Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and New Zealand Would You Like To Travel Overseas? Yes Where To? Italy, Egypt, South Africa, South America, Russia Do You Have Family Overseas That You Would...
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    Undergraduate/Postgraduate teaching degree

    Just wondering which one people think is better. I'm doing law/arts at anu next year and was thinking of doing postgraduate teaching. Does anyone know of any degree's which let you do both primary and secondary teaching in one?? Also does studying law qualify you to be an english teacher and...
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    heard senior science scales you down alot.

    I did it last year and got a mark of 95 (about 90% raw??) I got a UAI of 95.75 so you can definately get 85! Just don't bludge in it- i even did general maths as well. If you take a bunch of easy subjects just make sure you know most/all of the syllabus and you should have no problems getting 90+
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    The Australians Against Further Immigration Party

    Re: Australians against further immigration i got one of their pamphlets in the mail. It was pretty racist. I can't remember everything it said but there was something about asians and muslims and "illiterate african refugees". They got more then one vote in the goulburn area- 663 to be...
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    subjects u wish u didnt choose

    STUDY FOR SOR1!!!! its the easiest subject- just memorise the points and you will get over 90% easy. i studied for it the least and got 96%- just memorise the notes on this site if you can't be bothered doing your own. for me i regret taking extension history- we had to do the classes after...
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    Overseas for 4 months between school and UNI

    i saw that on tiger's site too but they hide all the costs in the taxes- airlines in australia used to do that but now it's changed. With the taxes included it's about $500 return from darwin to singapore and to go that distance with qantas is only about $100- $150 more. it really annoys me...
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    Discussion: 90+ in 8 units...<70 in the other 2

    if you look around on this site for the thread on scaling it should help you make up your mind- i haven't seen it for a few months but i think that 3 unit maths scales up about 20-30% . i did 10 units and got 96, 95, 95, 94 for 7 units and 82, 82 for 3 units and those 3 units dragged my UAI...
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    UAI Cutoff for engineering? medicine?

    the UAIs are a lot lower than 99. If you wanted to do medicine at UNSW or Syd. then you would need about 98+ to be considered but for medicine at newcastle i think the cut-off is 93 or 91 if your a rural student and UWS cut-off is something like 91.with these uni's once you reach the cut-off...
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    LOL!! i had 18 free periods a fortnight :P
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    Ranking For Monash Law School

    the melbourne institute ranks australian uni's on each major faculty, here's the link; but i don't think that ranks are much to go by. even schools that top the rankings in a particular faculty stress...
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    i got accepted into law/science but i think i'm going to defer for a year- the problem is i've applied for late round arts/law. should i defer this first offer and if i get offered arts/law defer that and cancel the first? is this possible?? will defering cancel out my application for the late...
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    Offers for 07 new students!

    i got into law/science!!!!!! yay- the UAI didn't go up i'm going to defer for a year first though
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    self-tuition through the board of studies???

    Does anyone have the link to the form that you have to fill out to do a subject by self-tuition?? - i found it once before but now i can't find it- i've searched the site but still nothing:(
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    Premier's award???

    i think they're in mid january
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    is UAI all they look at for admission?

    for architecture they only look at your UAI so you'll have no problems getting in- i stuffed up english too
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    just a note re modifying SAM

    SAM estimated my UAI to be 95.5 but i got 95.75- i did different subjects to you except for history and english- i got 94 in history and 82 in english- for my other subjects i got on average 94, but they were really easy= bad scaling. I reckon that it must have been the english exam that stuffed...