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    How to search for notes on Selly?

    Hi. I've been looking for notes on sellfy and it's saying there is none but when I click specific links to someone's store they have resources to purchase that I looked up?
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    Masterchef 2015

    Team Billie for sure. My three favourites were Sara, Billie and Reynold so I'll be gunning for Billie :D
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    Masterchef 2015

    Julie won because Poh cooked complex meals where as Julie cooked simple meals anyone can cook. In saying that, I went for Poh and believe its not on simplicity but who can cook better. Reynold and Billie for the title!
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    Notes from a 2014er

    pe and English AOS please :)
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    Cell diffentiation and specialisation and Thrush & Tuberculosis host responces.

    Hello, What's the difference between cell differentiation and cell specialisation? Also, Why does thrush cause burning sensation and Tuberculosis cause night sweats; what is the body doing to cause these symptoms? Thanks.
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    Discovery in "To kill a mockingbird"

    I want variety (prescribed text's are poems). I know discovery is embedded in the novel but I'm struggling to identify it.
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    Discovery thesis!

    I know i'm asking a lot of questions, but i'm losing it... :chainsaw2: If I was to state that discoveries result in a persona transforming in some way.. can I show that discoveries can be made through physical journeys/processes and through mental processes? If I've confused you let me know...
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    Discovery in "To kill a mockingbird"

    Hello. So I'm reading this book and trying to make links to discovery but its hard to find quotes.. Can anyone help? Please.. Thanks.
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    Beadle and Tatum trouble!

    So it was changed to "one gene - one polypeptide" through the discovery of thymine being the gene the mould was mutated to not produce?
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    Wanted: Heinemann Biology HSC 3rd edition text book!

    Hello, I was curious if anyone had a second hand textbook? I'm not too keen on purchasing a brand new textbook! PM me :D Thanks.
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    Beadle and Tatum trouble!

    Hi, I got asked these two questions, as trials prep and I got 0.5/5... Can anyone suggest how I should respond? a) Explain why the 'one gene - one protein' hypothesis was changed to 'one gene - one polypeptide' hypothesis. 2 marks b) Summarise the evidence that led to Beadle and...
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    Representation and text themes

    Hello. I've been prescribed The crucible and I'm curious as to what themes are prevalent (what argument points can I use in an essay) are in it? I will, from suggestions, allocate a related text! Thanks!
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    I know, my estimated ATAR at the moment is 90 lol, just trying to work out the way it works. Thanks.
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    Say if they're top 3 in each subject > ranked early 200's.
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    Similies and Metaphors in Creative writing?

    Hi, Should I avoid simile's and metaphors in my story? Due to the fact they're typically cliché? Thanks.
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    Anyone else do Robert Grey?

    Hi, I was curious if anyone did Robert Grey's poetry as their prescribed texts for Discovery? If so, would you like to exchange thoughts and perspectives? I'm focusing on Late Ferry, Meatworks and Journey the north coast! PM me if you would like to exchange thoughts :) Thankyou!
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    Hello, If I was to get 70 across the park in all my school based assessments, then smash the HSC (95% in all tests) would I get a mediocre mark or would it be 95's (ATAR) Thanks.
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    The Crucible and themes.

    Hello all. I'm struggling to create an essay on this module as I can not think of a strong thesis or themes. Can anyone help? (My related is on a report on politics) Thanks!
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    Global evironmental protection essay help

    Hello all, I know this isn't in the right sub-forum but I wanted it to get the most attention, as I need help asap. Discuss state sovereignty and its importance in promoting and achieving Global Environmental Protection. I don't know where to really start so I'm struggling to make a...