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    the butterfly effect

    i did my HSC in 2005, and i chose to do The Butterfly Effect for my related text. i recommend it, i dont think it would be overused, i didnt know anyone who was doing it. Watch the dvd with the directors voiceover turned on. It gives you heaps of techniques that you normally wouldnt pick up on.
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    emma/clueless, speeches, A & C, questions?

    Same three texts Yeah im from Port Macquarie, and i am doing the same three texts.... Emma and Clueless, Speeches, and Antony and Cleopatra. How easy was the speeches question? I was so lucky, the day before the exam i thought i better study an extra speech because id only revised 2...
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    Japanese Continuers - how'd everyone go?

    Japanese at uni... Yeah im planning on going to Uni in newcastle to do japanese, how about you guys? Where are you planning on going. Is that true about the emphasis on Kanji? Oh no.....Thats my weak point lol. Daaamn!