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    Extension/Adv English, Economics, Bus Studies, Maths - Hills/Blacktown

    Hi there my name is Jonathan and im looking for students for the upcoming year in the Hills/Blacktown region. I received a 49/50 for Extension English (Postmodernism), 94/100 for Advanced English, 92/100 for Economics, 91 in Mathematics 2U. I have since completed a Bachelor of Commerce...
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    Electronic Academic Transcripts?

    Sup yo./ Im trying to send my online application to Ersnt and Young and they want an academic transcript, which I have and have scanned. But they only accept docs in .pdf or .doc format. Can i get my transcript in .pdf or .doc from somewhere.
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    Family First and BoS Member's Political Career Ruined

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Highlights: "But that's not my penis," he said. So whose was it? "Look, maybe somebody photoshopped it" Already Mr Quah is being called "Australia's smallest loser" Most read article on SMH...
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    New Radiohead - 10th Oct.

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    pls help!

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    Missing tutes?

    from the econ/bus student study guide: Attendance at university through lectures/seminars/tutorials and workshops is essential to the completion of most award courses. Attendance requirements differ according to the award course and unit of study. Steps to follow The student is required...
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    Missing tutes?

    No mandatory attendance for acct3011 or econ1001 according to emails. govt2440 says that the 80% requirement is still valid though nothing in the UOS. perhaps an error on the part of the govt tutor who i emailed? interesting to see it has been scrapped from many courses though.
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    Missing tutes?

    Nerd. And that ACCT1001 50% requirement has not changed since 2005 when I did it. I'm doing ACCT3011, GOVT2440 and ECON1001 and none of them seem to have it listed as a requirement whereas last year id say pretty much all the subjects I took did list it. They are still marking attendance...
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    Missing tutes?

    Yeah, i was wondering why this requirement had been removed from UOS outlines. Any idea on where this info can be backed up officially ie. the USYD website?
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    Post Your Timetable!

    Hmm ok i guess. About the same as last year.
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    Easy GOVT2XXX subjects

    Im thinking of doing: GOVT2557 Public Sector Management GOVT2558 Government, Business and Society GOVT2552 Policy Analysis This is because I dont like tutorial presentations or mid-semester exams or weekly assessment. These seem ok. This will probably change when timetables come...
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    Easy GOVT2XXX subjects

    Come on guys help me out. GOVT2111 Human Rights and Australian Politics GOVT2116 Australian Foreign and Defence Policy GOVT2119 Southeast Asia: Dilemmas of Development GOVT2210 International Risk Analysis GOVT2221 Politics of International Economic Rels GOVT2225...
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    Honour Roll

    Can someone please post it. Im looking at you laz. :)
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    this thread makes me cringe i wish i never clicked it
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    Examination Results Semester II, 2006

    ACCT 2011 Financial Accounting A 51.0 Pass hi ashton! suck my gormish non-asian cock sydney university.
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    It’s the length It’s the breadth It’s the depth that measures my regrets It’s the garbage and the note that reads Take me out again. It’s this message littered with crosses That pushes the days ahead.
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    US Congressional elections - Democrats or Republicans

    If you think that this vote had anything to do with individual candidates, rather than a general political dissatisfaction with Iraq and Bush, then you are deluding yourself. The general trend is in fact the opposite to social conservatism. Just think, it took 7 years before the Vietnam protests...
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    US Congressional elections - Democrats or Republicans

    I think youre looking at things in much too fragmented a fashion. I believe a far more systemic and structural approach is warranted. Whilst i disagree that the pickups of 28 house seats and the 6 senate seats to give them power can be considered 'weak', what this election represents is the end...