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    Share your marks.

    It seems that the paradigms option isn't popular with other SDD classes. Anyway, I felt good about the paper. MC: 15 SA: 48 OPTION: 14 Lets hope anyway ;)
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    General Thoughts

    The fact that I spent so much time on definitions and stuff like that really annoyed me. Like I said before the paper was primarily stimulus based. There were a few awkward mc questions that I just guessed. I don't think the paper was that horrid, although the paradigms option topic threw me off...
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    General Thoughts

    What did you think about the exam. Heavily stimulus based and coding orientated I thought. Hardly any definition work....
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    What is the interdependence of operations and finance?

    So... Interdependance of operations and finance practicully explains the associations between operations and finance. You can simply state that finances available will influence the operations of the business in what processes are able to be completed, while the inverse is also true- the...