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    ALP to abolish full-fee places

    Let them pay. If they can handle the workload then they "deserve" to be there. Just like with UNSW Commerce this year, jsut cause there's a few extra thousand doing it (that really shouldn't be) just means there'll most likely be a couple extra thousand drop outs anyways and eventually won't end...
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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    Sam: 95.1 Uai: 95.55
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    working too hard

    No such thing as working "too hard" in your HSC unless you have a goal, such as 70 UAI, and am getting 90%+ results in your exams/assessments (generally, which in this case is working "too hard"). I'm assuming most of us here are aiming for 90+ and for that to occur, you got to work your @$$...
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    how is this possible?

    My opinion is that you're wrong. That just doesn't happen.
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    Scaling... how does it work??

    Scaling is determined before the exams are even sat, and discount aggregate student canditure performance. The UAC look at the exam and go "what mark would a band 6/5/4/3/2/1" student recieve in this exam, as each band indicates a level of aptitude. This way, a 95 in the same subject, but sat in...
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    2006 HSC Essay Questions " Effective: From 2007 HSC" Hence there will be no case study in the 2006 HSC, correct?
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    If you guys do pharmaceuticals..was that a vein or an artery? I put vein coz it was smaller
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    Why are Aboriginals prejudiced against in the english exam? That'll learn ya.
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    Plagiarism and Generic Essays

    In short, me and 5 other people are using the smae generic essays. Granted we don't write out the exact same essays, but very similar can we lose marks for "plagiarsim" or cheating or something? Intro and conclusion will be very different
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    UAI prediction

    Max: 96 Min: 81
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    Moderating question

    But that's not how it works! Ha, don't you seem like a |\|00bL3+z0r?
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    Kilometrico's (sp) are the pwnage. Guaranteed 90+ in every exam bar maths if you use em'.
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    Anticipating questions (aimed at past HSC'ers)

    Hi, anyone tired predicting questions in HSC exams? How successful were you? What was your subject study patten like if you assumed certain questions were likely to show up in said subject? Etc etc I'm mainly gearing this towards economics/and other humanity subjects, more specifically the...
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    2006 HSC Essay Questions

    Judging by all the replies I hope it's on the CAD. Good for me, bad for you! pwn3d
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    Rewind 10 Months

    I wish I'd chosen completely different subjects, that's about it. I FANTASIZE about it. Hence: 4u Math Adv Eng Senior Science Software Design Chemistry NO HUMANITIES!!!
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    Penis Size... does it matter?

    Re: Does Size Matter? Size matters. BUT if you're "small" but can still please her, it's all good, so don't worry (unless she's a size queen/bitch).
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    Is this true!??

    You get half your scaled exam mark, that's simple enough. You get half your "rank mark", which is your internal assessment mark (ie the mark that assigns you your rank in your cohort, hence "rank mark") aligned against the state (I don't know how this process works however). Hence, even if...
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    NSW Query

    hey hey this is still going on. Looks like ill try get into UNSW. Seee you all soon brethen :santa: :santa:
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    Software Engineering Q's

    ......... Ignoring your crappy English, how the fuck do I do that smart ass? What information do I have to work with? I don't go to uni now do I? Hence I can only ask people who do go to uni and take what I can. I've been nice this whole time. Stay out of my topic if you have nothing useful to...
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    Software Engineering Q's

    Hi I recieved this PM from some one who will remain anonymous, I'd like people's input on what they think about this person's opinion: "hello, i remember when i was like you last yr when i was thinking of doing software engineering i was thinking between, unsw, uts, uow i did the...