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    The New Latin Cohort

    hey, i'm a latin student back from 2002 and it's great to see people still doing latin. just wondering, what texts are you studying now, for 2U and 3U? i miss not doing latin now, but i can't imagine ever going back to do it again.
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    What is that Scientia building used for?

    The Scientia Building was originally built to hold Graduation Ceremonies in, but after they built it they realised it was too small so they had to have first year enrolments in there instead. bwahaha.
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    BE(Civil)/BCom RTA Scholarship

    just a personal opinion, but i think this is one of the worst scholarships you can get. it's one which ties you down to work with the RTA for 3 years, and if you don't enjoy it after 1 year, you're stuck with it for the next 2 if you're keen on getting that money. is the civil/commerce degee...
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    Semester 2 Results

    i dunno why anyone would want results :( i can't face the reality of taking 3 subjects again next year :(
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    Year Weightings???

    if you choose to do honours, you have the option of writing a thesis. if you choose not to take the honours you can be like the rest of us and not write a thesis but instead take up civil engineering practice 4a and 4b.
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    Job at Greater union

    don't work at macquarie greater union i worked there, and they bosses were really mean to me. the rest of the staff were awesome, but wasn't worth it. just don't do it.
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    Year Weightings???

    yeah cause mebe the civil engineers are cool. or mebe we're just bored
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    BEng (Civil) at UNSW or USyd

    MoS with Zora has a high failure rate. Geotech has a high failure rate Water Engineering subjects have high failure rates. However, i think the exam failure rates are high, but when you add your exam mark to class marks, most people end up passing.
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    Good Luck Latin Buddies

    in 2002 i sat the 2u and 3u exam. most two stressful exams. but hey, i did the best in them anyway :) so gooooood luck and study hard. latin rules*. *i haven't touched a latin book in 3 years
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    Exam TimeTable (Prelim)

    damnnnnn all of you! 7 exams. not in a row, but SEVEN. hey lucky i dropped the last subject cause 7 is gonna kill, i do not wanna think about 8 exams.
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    excuses not to come into work

    if u need a docs certificate, just go to your doc and say you have diarrhoea and you feel sick cause of it. it's one they can't really prove you're lying about.
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    Group Interview for Sanity

    here here ogmzergrush!! i laughed at your replies cause it's so true. i hate sanity. nobody in their right mind is going to buy a cd cleaner just cause their favourite album isn't in stock that week. i'm glad i didn't end up getting the job. it would have sucked balls listening to all that...
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    Changing courses (yr 1 to yr 2)

    it'll be based on your UAI, if this is your second year. forget uni marks cause they're not gonna count. you can find EVERYTHING you need to know on the UNSW handbook. that's the OFFICIAL guide. don't listen to anything else people tell you - if it's in the book then thats' what goes.
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    engineering at unsw

    if you are going by UAIs which you shouldn't, UNSW engineering cutoff is now 85, which is probably equal or greater than most unis now.
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    The Best Gig You Have Ever Been To

    Muse and Franz Ferdinand without a doubt the best shows i've seen.
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    they're good to contact if you want to touch base with companies for industrial training. they give me a list of heaps companies which employ students. and i also have a space for memberships on my resume and put IEAust on it cause it fills up space :D
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    civil/commerce at usyd or unsw?

    the industry considers the degree more highly regarded. no one would consider sitting your own exams to be a means of a proper education :rolleyes:
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    civil/commerce at usyd or unsw?

    pfttt the civil degree is harder and therfore more highly regarded at UNSW than Usyd
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    Mining Engineering.

    THe main problem with solar power is that it's unreliable - what are we going to do during night time for electricity? We can store energy from the sun except the problem with that is that it becomes very expensive and technology so far doesn't allow us to store enough energy to make the costs...
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    Mining Engineering.

    You're only thinking of deposits on the land. What about offshore deposits? Pretty much everything off shore hasn't been discovered yet and there's gonna be a whole lot more deposits out there.