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    Looking for a 4U/chem tutor (mandarin speaking) around Chatswood area

    bump. if you know a tutor who operates in the area, if you could forward this info to him/her, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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    Looking for a 4U/chem tutor (mandarin speaking) around Chatswood area

    Hi all, Just posting for a friend, who's doing HSC this year. He lives around Chatswood area. If you are interested, pop me a pm, or msg here. Regards, Xiao
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    I could only assume the standard solution is the Standards prepared to form a calibration graph. Since AAS can only ever determine aborbance, not concentration directly. For eg, you make up 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 ppm solution of Cu, and the AAS give you absorbance of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10...
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    Galvanic Cell Salt Bridge

    I couldn't download the attachment, but I got an idea what it looks like. Yes, you'll start to get more and more zinc nitrate and potassium sulfate in each of the half cells (in solution form however, so you'll get Zn2+, NO3 -, K+ and SO4 2-) In actual reality reality, charge neutrality needs...
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    Bachelor of science or bSci (Advanced)

    shoo, mathematician :)
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    question I like answered

    In short yes. You will do different subjects, but the stuff you learn in the first year is quite similiar (al beit in different order).
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    how many clubs have you joined?

    I demand an option of 0! Seriously though, I'm getting too old for clubs.
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    Advanced Mathematics @ USYD

    MATH1901/1902/1903/1904/1905(one that I didn't do) are, at best, challenging to a Ext2 graduate in my opinion. There's a couple of new concepts, and you really need to get your head around it. (Especially differential calculus. Linear algebra is kind of easy). The difficulty of math subjects...
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    Bachelor of science or bSci (Advanced)

    I'm not particularly familiar with the employment opportunity of BMedSci students, since all my friends who did BMedSci went on to do GradMed. For science, it really varies depending on your area of major. Should you choose to complete a major in biochemistry, or pathology (or there about), you...
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    Chemistry Bridging Course?

    1st year chemistry start at a relatively basic level. The assumed knowledge (as far as I'm aware) is that you know of the atom theory, the nucleus and electrons. The three types of bonds (ionic, covalent and metalic). Even then, the lecturers usually go through them quickly. So with year 11...
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    alpha-glucose beta-glucose

    Small but useless fact: because the OH group alternate in the case of beta glucose, it causes the polarity of polymer to cancel out, resulting in the non-water soluability of cellulose. For the polymer of alpha glucose, the OH is aligned towards the same side of the polymer chain, making it much...
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    which city in china are u origionally from?

    Shang for me. Yes, I know. I'm an materialistic, arrogant bitch by default. >:D
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    Re: �*文�*�詞! What's up b**tches. Miss me?
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    Electrolysis question

    QFT. Just to clear the things up a bit. Conc brine solution will see the oxidation of Cl-, and dilute brine solution will cause the oxidation of water instead.
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    Question Chain Thread !!!

    So what if one gets the question wrong? Haven't done any real chemistry for 4 years now... hope I can still remmeber: Lavoisier, Arhhenius [sp], Davy, Bronsted-Lowry, Lewis Q: How many isotopes could the element with formula C3H8O have, name them.
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    What a transcript looks like (Pics)

    Hmmm not yet. Haven't bothered to scroll down to student centre to get my transcript (or too poor to get it).
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    Choice of Chinese for Year Eleven?

    Hmm.... have you asked about saturday school? It's a 2hr weekly courses each saturday, which offers mostly languages courses.
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    Re: �*文�*�詞! you bet... glad to see you are still here smilie (gee, 1/2 a month late =/)
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    Orbiting electron

    Will Shakespear already answered it, but just to make it clearer: When charged speicies accelerate, they emit EMR. If electrons are "orbiting" a nuclei, it is accelerating, hence it will emit EMR. If it emit EMR, it will lose energy.