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    Electrical Engineering at MQ

    All of Macquarie University's engineering programs have been accredited by Engineers Australia. :) The list just got updated Yesterday, the accreditation ended in 2018 i think but just got updated on 16th January with the next review in 2021. This is the link...
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    Rage Studying???

    I used to chuck my pen across the room, but now I just smile and accept life as it is. :(
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    Am i dumb plz read

    Depends on the particular individuals abilities, but Economics is your most difficult subject.
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    2U Maths Exam Thoughts

    What do u guys think is going to be the cut-off this year for band 6?
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Im pretty sure they were not talking about aliens in terms of extraterrestrials... just something unfamiliar...
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Do u have 2 related texts for mod c? because i dont. Will use my related for discovery- worst case scenario :uhoh:
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    Hsc mistake

    once they scan it and the markers read it they will know that you did it in the wrong section, and they will adjust accordingly. Dw.
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    It was a hard test overall. Section 1 as people said was weird. The last two texts especially. Had to bs. Section 2 was alright for my creative, but i know friends who had to change a lot of things in theirs. Section 3 essay, the essay question really didnt suit my prescribed text i thought...
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    Should I drop this subject for year 12

    I dropped SOR1 at the start of the year, and i kinda regret it. Cause one slip up in an exam could bring your rankings down making it difficult to come back up. My point is that SOR1 is a really easy subject, you dont have to study for it that much. So my advice is not to drop it and keep it...
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    Studying For Exams

    I recommend that you read study guide books, articles, and opinions from top students on the study methods they used. End of year 10 and prelim is the time you can really use to find a good study method that works for you. In your subjects you will most likely have to absorb a lot of...
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    Premier's push to have 100 per cent of students studying HSC maths??? "A new HSC maths course for "everyday life" will be trialled and specialist maths teachers for primary schools will be recruited as part of a bold strategy to get most...
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    Should I repeat year 12?t

    Ok, Personally I wouldn't want to go through High School again. The 8:30-3pm routine again is extremely tough and I dont think you want to go through that again. Also if your looking at achieving an atar of 95+ then that means your most possibly looking at enrolling in UNSW or USYD. Im pretty...
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    Should I repeat year 12?t

    What course are you interested in at UNI?
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    The Harsh Truths of the HSC

    Dude, just trying your best is all that you can do. If this "individual" is motivating you to work hard for the next couple of weeks then thats good. But if the thought of him is distracting you then believe me Ive had my share of experiences, and ive discovered that there is no point...
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    Eng Adv Stimuli and Essay Questions Prediction?

    Hopefully the prescribed poem for t.s eliot is either The Hollow men or prufrock. Because its the last year, it would be good to see if they change things up and ask for some other format of text like a diary entry. The reactions in the exam would be pretty good.
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    hsc english marking

    Apparently specific amount of teachers mark each module. So for example in Module B, teachers don't necessarily get all essays from one prescribed text. They can get any prescribed text cause in the end the questions are going to be the same. So teachers are going to know all the prescribed...
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    Math 2U Marks

    I cannot exactly say upon your situation in predicting how well your grade does, and also the raw mark cutoffs change every year. I think last year for band 5 was around about 70/100.
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    How long do english hsc markers spend marking each essay?

    I have heard that essays get double marked by different markers and that they don't look at it that closely like they do in school assessments, as they impression mark the papers. Is this true? adding to this, has any teacher or hsc marker that they know told them how long they spend...
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    law question

    I don't know a lot about the legal profession or law at uni. But from what ive heard and experienced, USYD/UNSW have a bit of a monopoly in top law firms but that doesn't mean graduates from UTS/Macquarie/UWS/UOW are disadvantaged. As long as your able to achieve top marks and have extra...