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    Creative Piece For Genre?

    i like your idea, its very creative, but i think u did the wrong format. i did too, but mine wasn't a transcript, more a one sided convo... like an angry letter without the formalities. i think that we might lose marks, it sounds to me like a transcript rather than a reflection (now that i've...
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    predict ur mark!

    mmm i'm thinking maybe 35-40/50... i misinterpreted the creative and the essay had lots of info but bad structure and i'm not sure about depth (i didn't get to read over... it was long though!... for me...) i'll be disappointed below 35... my trial mark was 36 and i came third... the top in my...
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    Creative Piece For Genre?

    ... omg... i think i screwed up. ok here's the background of my school 1) we had an "excellent new sytem" on trial at our school so that each term u have a new course!(the school dumper this approach after a lowing in hsc scores... mine was the last year taught liek this) 2) the excellent...
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    crime fiction creative bit

    dude u know theres actually a movie called that! be careful its not like that storyline (ie that a guy gets all the worlds best detectives in a secluded mansion and they havta solve the crime to prove that they are the best detectives... it has each type of detective ie mrs marple, marlowe, etc...
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    yup yup! thats the way i'm going... mid 80's i say... if they round everything off and mark everything favourably... my first english tests were horrible just because i was nervous and the rest i haven't really been studying for (u know the typical last night effort) so yeh... this is my last...
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    Crime Fiction - Quotes from The Big Sleep

    this is what they had on a critic site... hope it helps - "My, my, my. Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains." -- Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) "You may smoke, too. I can still enjoy the smell of it. Nice thing when a man has to indulge his vices by proxy." -- General...
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    why do i feel like the only one unprepared?

    haha weeeeell i havta say i'm in the same position as u dizzy!!! yep started studying tonight... grabbed someone off this site to help! my class is like... there are three people who are study psycho smart people... and everyone else is sliding slowing down the ladder... i've nearly hit the...
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    Basic Response for Genre Theory Q, Problem with 2 Q's HELP HELP HELP

    thanx guys... just to clarify, genre theory is basically how the values/themes/conventions change to suit the context right? If thats the case i've been doing that without ever hearing the term 'genre theory' before. i tend to link my texts through how women are portrayed in the text... eg i'll...
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    Crime Fiction: Character motivation

    i think u need to know a bit. for example, say in PD JAmes the skull beneath the skin, two of the characters motives are money, which fits into the themes/context with the moral and social decay, ie that money is so important u might kill your step mother or cousin or childhood friend. i...
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    Basic Response for Genre Theory Q, Problem with 2 Q's HELP HELP HELP

    man i'm feeling dumb... see, i think i know what you guys are talking about, but just the language you all use is so... intellectual. i was reading at snails pace and rereading just to follow what you meant. i guess once i start revising it'll become clear. i start tomorrow... :( i'm such a...
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    how'd u find it? raw marks?

    god damn u 90+ people... u are making me look bad... i worked out what i think i'll get... again its high 70's to high 80's... hopefully my school assessment mark will give it a little boost and i'll end up band 5/6... not band 4/5
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    Did I just sit a Bio exam?

    i think this test will be one of those "deceptively easy" tests. u know the one u sit and everyones comes out saying "shit that was so easy" but when u get the results back u get a shit mark cos u didn't say what they wanted you to say. i found it a little hard, not in the way taht i didn't know...
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    Not enough room?

    lol tell me about it... i'm so glad on some of those questions that they left the rest of the page blank... even if they did leave only four lines... maybe they should start giving us writting booklets for all sections!
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    how'd u find it? raw marks?

    stupid people!!!! stop going good!!! go bad so i get better!!! *cries* all i wanted was band 6 in bio and senior science... is taht so much to ask?... band 4-5 here i come! *looks grumpy*
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    lol for b i) i said that the bright light from the welder blinded him in one eye and that the other eye was unscathed cos it was coming from the right side of his body. the 7 marker was easy to work with... i agree but i tell u what! d!!! taht whole question! i couldn't do it and it was worth 5...
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    Did I just sit a Bio exam?

    lol i hope u dun mind me saying this but u are so cute!!! heheh ... yeh i let an hour early and i was working slow... my school lets u go with u finish... had people leaving after 40 minutes (they musta found it a bit hard cos i dunno how u'd finish in that time) ... yeh it was all good a bit...
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    in general

    yeh i agree! it didn't really cover it all and seemed to focus on the area that i'm not so good at. not too sure about stuff... :( i'm disappointed everyone said it was pretty ok... cos i found it a little (but not too) hard... i answered everything... but some things were a bit muddly
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    The 8 mark question - Epidemiology

    hmmm i had no idea... i took a wild guess... i just said to map out where the infected ppl live, who showed the symptoms first, whether the water or food supply was shared by these people... whether insect populations were greater around where these people lived and to just work out the...
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    multiple choice

    hmmm i got the same as nezz except i got 13 as B... not sure if i'm right.
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    The 2003 HSC exam - The mod's opinion

    hmmm i have to say i found it a little harder than u seemed to. but i didn't really study at all. i agree on that epidemiology question! it really threw me off, as well as the question in communication on they secondary research we s'posedly did... cos we didn't do it! my school did the...