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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    Number 3 is a trick question.... I realise this now. I said A but they were asking for his TOTAL pay for the 4 weeks guys... hence the answer is D because you find out the holiday loading and add it to his weekly pay. Hope this helps.
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    Section 1

    hmmm. wellllllll i didnt think i did too bad on this section... but perhaps i did now thinking about it and reading what you guys have written and i have an enormous feeeling i REALLY screwed up the creative writing part too. =[
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    Night you finish exams

    yeah, a good sleep is probably up for me..... i finish on pretty much the last day.... 9th November with Art! I'm soooo sleep deprived right now... :(
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    ok. can someone give me advice on this essay..

    Yeah.. thanks. I guess its good to hear advice like that... blunt but good because then i can hopefully get more marks.. and if i do... i will have you to thank for that. I liked your metaphorical example. =] Its helped alot.. I started my essay again from scratch... but instead of doing the...
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    ok. can someone give me advice on this essay..

    hmm. ok.. umm confused about the length... you said it was too short... when i wrote it.. it was hand written and it reached 3 normal pages... and when i saw the teacher who marked today at school... he didnt mentioned anything about it being too short. =S
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    ok. can someone give me advice on this essay..

    yeah... i understand. i took it into school today to see what the teacher who marked it thought needed to be done with it to make me get the marks and welllll... they did mention the whole recounting of the story thing... so thank for your other input... i'll try and re-write it over the next...
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    ok. can someone give me advice on this essay..

    here is the typed version of my esssay! sorry the scanned version was so hard to read!!!
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    ok. can someone give me advice on this essay..

    it was my trial essay and i got 11/15 for it... but the teacher who marked it didnt actually give me any comments in which would improve it.... so i'm stuck. the only thing that was written on it was "Relate it to the question" hmmm. i cant seem to find my trial exam paper thing... so i cant...
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    Freaking Out...

    Shit. Yeah. It would be soooooooooo much better if the exams were at night!!!!!! Im sooo freaking out about the exams.... well im not freaking out... i just can't sleep at all at night cos of how close the first exam is getting of which of course i'm not freaking out at all about... its the one...
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    i need help choosing my related texts.

    thanks guys... wellll. i dunno. i used songs in my trials... and i think i used sliding doors for my trials too. and i got 11/15 but the only thing is... i cant find my trial... =[ i found it easier to just use things i was familiar with... and knew the plot i think... so i dunno... i found...
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    yeah... the way i picked it up during my study of it was it is a journey of the mind... through the aspects of imagination, speculation and inspiration.. but can be just pure imagination or can become a realisation of something. but its really up to each individual as to how they interpret it.. =]
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    i need help choosing my related texts.

    Ok. So can anyone help me? umm. my core text thing is the tempest... for imaginative journeys and in my trial exam for the essay my related texts were 2 evanescence songs... i think Imaginary and Everybody's Fool.. but i did a third related text.. i just cant seem to find my trial exam so i can...