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    Ne1 get a uai below 80

    nah i'm just sick of hearing about people in this site that are getting over 90's and how they're so dissapointed that they only got 99.5 instead of 99.9 or 100. i only got 78
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    Ne1 get a uai below 80

    jus wanted to know what people that got a uai under 80 are thinkin of doing
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    NE 1 going to UWS nxt yr

    is ne1 thinking of going to UWS campbelltown nxt yr
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    Regional Entry Test

    I rreckon this ret test by the UWS is rigged, most of u prolly think i'm sayin this because i got a shit ret score but think of it. The ret test is supposed to be a test , to give those less smarter students a more easier entry of getting entry into the UWS course. And the ret test is not...
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    Ne 1 put ACU for their preferences

    ne put acu for prefrencees. if so what course/campus
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    Regional Entry Test

    that a heaps good ret. i got a ret score of 57 which is sooooo fucken shit. please tell me there is someone that got lower than me
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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    Hey say u reckon get a raw exam mark of 30 or 40 in your actual hsc, that won't actually appear. when u get ur hsc results back right, your exam mark will always appear to be over 50, even if ur raw exam mark in the exam is like 30 or 40
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    Mulit Choice Answers

    I got the same as rob, but i put 14 c and for 20 i put b cause i thought an increase in level of education, is economice development
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    How'd You all Go... Aahaha beat you all to it...

    Yeah it wasn't too bad. how do u work out the multiplier for that question
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    good luck

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    How Easy Was It

    is this dude that sent this quote, that sourie dude under another nick
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    TOOO much time!

    i reckon that too, but that'd be impossible to control cause people could discuss answers in the toilet
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    Anyone wanna do Eco @ Syd?

    whats eco like at uni
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    TOOO much time!

    i reckon for all 3 hour exams they should let us have a break in the middle were we can have snack and drink something, cause i usually get hungry or thirsty in an exam
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    Do you feel cheated?

    I feel this chem test was a study and know exam, and not very analytical at all , but then again it suits people like me cause i dun understand hardly nethin in chem neway
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    Ne 1 find shipwrecks hard

    I found shipwrecks hard
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    How Easy Was It

    i'm shit at chemistry, but 4 some reason that didn't seem too hard. shipwrecks was hard though