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  1. Chinmoku03

    UNI costs

    </wrist> Why couldn't they have done that this year? XO This is also the first year they decided to go from fourteen weeks to twelve weeks, which is not as good as it sounds -.-;
  2. Chinmoku03

    HSC 2007 Q6 b Urgent help needed

    Sub x = 0: f(0) = 0 So (0,0) is the point at which the curve crosses the y axis. Sub f(x) = 0: x4 - 4x3 = 0 x3(x - 4) = 0 x = 0 or x = 4 So (0,0) and (4,0) are points at which the curve crosses the x axis.
  3. Chinmoku03

    Consequence on failing english????

    Ugh, my bad. This guy speaks the truth. Either way, English is more important in that sense that other subjects, since it'll definitely count towards your final ten units.
  4. Chinmoku03

    Good to have smart friends?

    TBH, I think calling the whole thing abusing people is exaggerating. The people who help you out with a question are also using this opportunity to revise and confirm to themselves that their understanding of that certain concept is still there. I had a friend back in YR12 who came first in 3U...
  5. Chinmoku03

    What have you sacrificed for the HSC this/next year.

    Shit... I must be not Asian enough, since I don't see the fun in it... >.<;
  6. Chinmoku03

    Consequence on failing english????

    Since English will definitely count as two units towards your final ten units for the HSC, failing English basically means that you passed less than ten units and hence don't get a cert.
  7. Chinmoku03

    Tutor available for 2U/3U Maths tuition around UNSW, Kensinton Campus

    Yay, a response XD Prices, I s'pose I can change them, tho I'm risking being strangled by my mum, so don't let her know that I advertise here XP I'll edit my post later to include how I will help people. Thanks for the tip ^.^
  8. Chinmoku03

    Tutor available for 2U/3U Maths tuition around UNSW, Kensinton Campus

    Damn, no love for me, lol </3 Bumpidy bumpidy bump.
  9. Chinmoku03

    What is your motivation to study?

    Eh, it was bad, but not too bad; The doctor told my family in mid 06 that he didn't have long to live. Goddamn cancer. Anyway, cos I knew, I was more prepared to face it. The only regret I have about the matter was being unable to attend his funeral cos of HSC, which still bothers me now...
  10. Chinmoku03

    How do we get our UAI's?

    You also get a letter from the UAC that tells you your UAI.
  11. Chinmoku03

    going to the toilet in exams

    I'm pretty sure it's a similar system to uni exams: You ask supervisors for permission to go to the toilet, sign your name on some sheet, go to toilet and be escorted by the supervisors back into the exam. Relax, supervisors should be flexible, unless you're trying to cheat >.>; Another thing...
  12. Chinmoku03

    Healing the 'scars' the HSC has left you

    Lol, if you honestly thought the HSC left scars on you, uni's gonna reopen them and add new ones to boot >.>
  13. Chinmoku03

    Post-HSC Life

    My post HSC life involved going to China to work. I ended up abusing the unlimited DL rate and DL'ed about 450GB worth of anime XD Too bad I accidentally formatted over them early this year T.T;
  14. Chinmoku03

    maximisation minimisation help :(

    Are you sure that the length and width are not related to h, the height value?
  15. Chinmoku03

    Rubics Cube

    The practical way VS the engineer's way, as my uni friends call it XD
  16. Chinmoku03

    Single sex schools vs coed

    Same here. I'm not exactly the socialising type IRL, so coed wouldn't present that much distraction to me.
  17. Chinmoku03

    Chem assesment task one part 2. Help would be appreciated

    I'm with Pwnage. I used technitium 99m for my medicinal radioisotope. I can't remember the one I used for industrial tho... Something to do with detecting fractures in aircraft components... Cobalt, maybe...?
  18. Chinmoku03

    Single sex schools vs coed

    Went to all guys school and hated it. I think half of them turned gay before graduation, for one reason or another -.-;
  19. Chinmoku03

    What have you sacrificed for the HSC this/next year.

    Maybe this guy ^ is just talented. I know one of my older cousins did zero study during his primary school, high school and even uni. All he did was play video games all day. Yet he graduated and is now a biomed engineer, FTW >.<; </jealous>