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  1. shumphrey

    Does UNSW have tutorials in week 1?

    I'm kinda worried cause some sport clubs have an introductory/ learn to play thing at week 1 and are usually during my tut times but normal training time seems fine in regards to my timetable. So can i keep my timetable the same or should i alter it (math1031 tut from 5-6pm)
  2. shumphrey

    Which LAPTOP should i get for uni???

    maybe this? its decent and ok price EDIT: also dont get a mac, they are fragile (sometimes more so than a 2in1 model), overpriced and the actual...
  3. shumphrey

    Engineering to Psychology or Biotecnology?

    u can probs switch over but it would extend your degree by like a year, so if your willing to deal with that go ahead. know some relatives who r psychs who sorta steered me away from it as the amount of hours of experience required to become certified for a private practice (not to mention your...
  4. shumphrey

    2018 first years

    Science, probs majoring in neuroscience and molecular and cellular bio
  5. shumphrey

    What laptop should I get for uni?

    i dont know about dell man, have a dell latitude and it seems rigged to break around when warranty expires, right now it is slow and continually faltering.
  6. shumphrey

    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    ok heres my opinion on it- bitcoin is fucked and can have like a 20% transaction fee, super slow transactions and just over hyped. People who are investing now are riding the hype train (jesus fuck u ment to buy it when it cheap). These people (mostly young) have invested and purchased the...
  7. shumphrey

    What laptop should I get for uni?

    why no takeing pics thats retarded
  8. shumphrey

    What laptop should I get for uni?

    major:sorta undecided but looking toward double with molecular and cellular bio and neuroscience What else? procrastination
  9. shumphrey

    Do you actually need physics for chemistry at unsw?

    I looked at the major outline for chemistry in handbook and it says for stage 1 a physics course is required (ie-PHYS1111) yet none of subjects later on require a physics course as a prerequisite Is it required to...
  10. shumphrey

    What laptop should I get for uni?

    Just wondering what laptops you guys use and if you have recommendations I can spend up to $1500 for one am studying science at unsw if that effects it (applications required?)
  11. shumphrey

    ATAR Lower than Calculators?

    Think most people got lower atar than calculator-guessing the scaling was bit rough this year? Here what calc tell me: Matrix: 88.90 HSC ninja: 89.40 +/-0.75 (max of 90.15 lowest of 88.65) Talent 100: 90.05 Actual atar: 87.90 ... kill me plz
  12. shumphrey

    Advanced science vs normal science at UNSW

    Is there any critical difference between the 2 programs-it seems u can learn the same content in the normal science bachelor and still do postgrad so is there any important difference?
  13. shumphrey

    question about HSC results and preferences

    cash grabs? like it costs more or attracts more students and makes them more money (like marketing?)
  14. shumphrey

    question about HSC results and preferences

    so if u can still do honours and post grad with B Sci-whats the point of adv sci? Prestige?
  15. shumphrey

    saw u post somthing about the uni gym-im also interested in the same gym. As far as I'm aware...

    saw u post somthing about the uni gym-im also interested in the same gym. As far as I'm aware uni gyms have solid equipment and are generally well equipped, some even have more fancy equipment like olympic rings and strongman logs. I walked past and it seemed well equipped and the price is...
  16. shumphrey

    question about HSC results and preferences

    I got marks today that in most calculators score 88-90ish, I want to do bachelor of science at unsw (85) so im good unless i get completely butt fucked by scaling. I am wondering that if I got 90ish as my final atar would it be worth selecting unsw bachelor of advanced science(95) as my first...
  17. shumphrey

    Social life at UNSW and USYD?

    I've heard a variety of things regarding the social life of both UNSW and USYD and want to know what is true In terms of positives I have heard both sides say they all have a vast amount of activities and clubs to do so I'm going to assume they are equal in regards to clubs The negatives...
  18. shumphrey

    Does uni provide Microsoft office programs for free

    Currently don't have office and am using a free crap alternate version, do unis provide microsoft office etc. for free or reduce cost (posted to unsw forum cause its first preference but also wondering about usyd and uts)
  19. shumphrey

    Just realized my school disposes of lead containing solutions down the sink?

    We have one for organic waste but it is only used for organic compounds (ethanol, butanol etc)