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    Cheapest option for train/bus travel

    Yep, you will get a sticker on your uni card if you apply for concession. You show them this if they ask for it. To get this sticker you need to fill out a form found on this page click the transport concession form. Fill this out...
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    Any way to find out what textbooks we need in advance?

    The UNSW bookstore will release the prescribed/recommended textbooks for your subjects through the texlist on the UNSW bookshop website close to the Semester 1 starting date. They are also usually found in the course outlines (found on your faculties webpage). Many people find that it is a good...
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    Medical Science and Electives @UNSW

    Maybe I can give some advice, seeing as I have just completed my first year in medical science. I got around the same HSC mark for chem as you, and I decided to pick CHEM1011. I also, was wondering which chemistry class to pick but I was pretty happy with CHEM1011. A lot of my friends who did...
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    Hmmm, when I click 'pay now' it comes up with no fee statment, and I selected up front payment. Will it come on later?
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    Can I pay anytime between 4-31st of march ?

    Hi, I have previously talked to the UNSW enrolement department about fees and they have said it is due before the 4th of March I think. I dont know if you will be able to pay after, however I suggest you consult the fees page or call the...
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    Semester 1 2012 Timetables!

    is Quadrangle to biosci g20 doable?
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    CHEM1011 vs CHEM1031

    So then just to confirm what doom said Chem1021 is organic then?
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    CHEM1011 vs CHEM1031

    So you did Chem 1011? Does it have organic chemistry in it? And does it build upon year 12 HSC chem or is it just year 12 things over again along with a few additional things? I have no chem1031 prerequisties for 2nd year but I was just thinking that chem1031 might be better preparation for the...
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    CHEM1011 vs CHEM1031

    Hi, I was trying to decide which course to choose between CHEM1011 and CHEM1031. Which course would you advise, considering that I got 88 in chemistry in the HSC and intend to do the GAMSAT? Also is CHEM1031 really hard, or is it doable with effort? Thanks
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    Could you please reply when you are able to, thanks :)

    Could you please reply when you are able to, thanks :)
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    ATAR estimate

    Hey, just wanted to know what im looking at for these ranks Chemistry: 2/27 Biology: 4/69 Business Studies: 3/49 Mathematic: 13/50 English Advanced: 34/68 Our cohort is really strong and competitive in math and english My school rank is in the 190's Thanks :)
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    i need Help with questions 14 and 15 from the 2009 chemistry hsc exam.

    Question 14: Avoid using C1V1= C2V2, instead write the equation for the reaction out, then use given data to find out moles and concentrations. Question 15: By the graph, theres is 8mg L of O2 concentration at 25 degrees. Convert this to grams first so it is 8x10^-3 g/L. Then find the...
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    Site Update

    They are pretty useful tho with all the info
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    Differentiating logarithms help

    Ahh yea, I undestand now thx
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    Differentiating logarithms help

    Yea thanks I get everything, but I dont understand mathematically how x=e when ln (x) =1
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    Differentiating logarithms help

    Hey, im stuck on this question.. can anyone help ? Find the stationary point on the curve y=ln x/x and determine its nature. I get stuck after using the quotient rule and getting (1-lnx)/x^2 = 0 (for stationary point), can anyone tell me how to do it properly. Answer (e, 1/e) maximum...
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    Exponential help

    Hi, I got stuck on this question Find the exact area enclosed between the curve y = e^2x and the lines y = 1 and x = 2. Can anyone tell me how I can go about doing this question, Im a bit confused at the y= and x=, you dont have to show me the working, just how I can go about doing it...
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    Past papers?

    Does anyone have the files or can upload the files to megaupload or mediafire with all those past hsc trial papers collection for biology Thanks, muchly appreciated
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    Integration Problem

    Thanks man +rep
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    Integration Problem

    Hi, I came across a problem which I have a little trouble with. Find the area enclosed by the curve y= x^3, the x-axis and the line y=3x 4. I did a rough sketch and then solved it as a simultaneous equation so x^3= -3x+4 then bring it over one side x^3+3x-4=0 but I get stuck on...