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    Top 3 Unis for Engineering course?

    Wollongong is really good for engineering. From what i gathered, its better here than syd but not unsw. But regardless undergrad study is practically the same wherever you go, choose a good uni that is close to you and you actually like.
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    Most fun university?

    I'm still undecided, looking at a combination out of science, engineering, law and arts haha...
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    Most fun university?

    Which university do you think has the best social life/ is the most enjoyable to attend and why? I really don't care that much about course quality as its probably all pretty similar at any rate, i just want to make sure i enjoy myself for the next few years.
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    Best Law Course?

    hehe oh chrome
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    Best Law Course?

    Also Usyd has an arts faculty, opposed to uts's small international studies art degree. Never met someone as naive as this kid haha
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    Macquarie University

    The scholarships not important, its all the work experience and people ill meet, ie the things that gets you a job, not an obnoxious attitude and a piece of paper from a fancy uni. Plus uow has a much better campus the unsw and the people are lovely.
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    Macquarie University

    Haha, buddy if you think your going to get a job riding off the back of your uni's reputation your in for a nasty surprise. Because i was lucky enough to get a scholarship at uow i get 5 weeks of industry employment every year and other cool ways to meet people in the industry. Theres no way...
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    Macquarie University

    Haha i think your entirely missing the point of uni. If you want to spend the next 3-5 years of your life going to a uni with a good reputation just so other people are impressed, your an idiot. I could do my course in any uni in nsw, but im doing it at uow because its a really fun uni and from...
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    Macquarie University

    Environmental engineering is 95 at usyd and 80 at uow. The uow course is so much better then usyd its ridiculous. Of course the sydney uni's have higher cut offs, their prestigious and easy to get to. Doesnt mean they are neccesarily better (although it is the case sometimes)
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    med schools in aus/nz

    Although its arguably harder to get into 'undergrad' med @ usyd then any other undergrad med program.
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    Intelligent design to be taught in Queensland schools under national curriculum

    I don't get why everyone is against it, although i do find it odd that it is an ancient history topic and not a modern one. I think its great that the ciriculum is going to encourage debate about such an interesting and contemporary issue.
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    Year 11 Subjects PROBLEM

    A girl at my school last year did: standard english general maths cafs senior science pe She got 96.something Check-mate
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    The Official 2010 Pre-HSC/Trials Rage-Quit Thread

    Fuck you history extension!!!!! If i could do it again i would never ever ever try and to something original and creative!! FFFFFFUUUUUU
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    masterchef cheats!

    As if ACA would risk their journalistic integrity just to badmouth a show that is raping 9 in the ratings.
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    Mangroves maintain their physiological and metabolic conditions in response to changes in the environment, therefore they do use enantiostasis Also, if you look at the syllabus it pretty much spells it out that mangroves are the suggested example.
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    Bio qu

    Although i never did prelim bio, i'd guess they significance lies in the fact that as the cells are closer to the surface, they can absorb more light and be closer to gas exchange points, minimizing transportation or something along those lines. You'd want to wait for someone who actually...
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    September 11

    Re: Official: September 11 Pfft, thats just retarded. Obviously the US military is spent all of its ridiculous amount of money on research into transporters. They just have to transport the towers and photo shop some pictures. They are currently located in the north pole next to Santa's...
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    your current favourite song

    Sunshine - All American Rejects
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    Keeping track of things other than the HSC?

    Dude, how can all you guys give up everything that makes life enjoyable just for a number. I'm not really doing much work at all and i still think i'll be fie, don't you think it would be wise to keep your mind healthy and not drive your self into depression?
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    Half Yearly marks

    English - 36/45 12/28 2u - 88% 1/15 3u 58% 4/9 Bio 83% 1/9 chem 96% 1/9 ancient 92% 5/30 sor - 31/35 ? Hist x. ???