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  1. Rorix

    Goldman Sachs Intern/Graduate Program

    I second geetarjoe. High end of Macq 2007-8 pay was comparable to high end of other firms. Obviously some areas of Macq pay lower (I think IBF is below banking, but it's not banking obviously) but generally comparable. And analyst bonuses are $$$ (although small deferral at junior levels), not...
  2. Rorix

    Best University for Finance?

    IB is the hardest position to get so it is most indicative of what unis are the best to attend to maximise your chances for employment. Also, BabyK, I said this to you before, but I doubt that in 3 years you'll want to be a stockbroker. There's a lot of difference careers in finance out...
  3. Rorix

    Best University for Finance?

    As far as I know the chances for someone with a pure bcom are pretty low at the top banks, although you might be alright for a Merrill/ABN/Lehmans - they even took a couple Agricultural Economics student this year. I hear what you are saying about UTS Com/Law although personally I'd rather...
  4. Rorix

    Best University for Finance?

    Com/Law UTS students generally aren't getting IB interviews. Either this is because they aren't applying, or they just aren't getting through. Plenty of Bcom+honours students are getting interviews from UNSW/USYD. Not sure about BCom plain. Personally, I'm doing Com/Law, but if I could go...
  5. Rorix

    List as many jobs you can think of a comm/law grad can get

    Obviously a comm/law student could get any job a commerce student could get and any job a law student could get. Anyone that wants to type out 10000 different job titles, go ahead.
  6. Rorix

    Best University for Finance?

    Dude, you don't know what you are talking about. CBA is not a good finance job, and its nothing to do with being "watched like a hawk" at your job. Just trust us and go to UNSW or USYD if you can.
  7. Rorix

    Best University for Finance?

    It doesn't matter what the "best course" is, if that could even be determined, it matters who has the most employability. And that is UNSW and USYD, as 04er said.
  8. Rorix

    Best University for Finance?

    what happened to your other thread?
  9. Rorix

    Summer clerkships

    That's law students for ya:D
  10. Rorix

    cfa + m/a

    I agree, these posts are getting ridiculous (and the quality of English in them isn't getting any better). 3li, stop posting questions until you have actually received more than 1 offer and need to decide between the two. I could answer it anyway, but fuck it, I'm making a stand.
  11. Rorix

    Introductory Mathematical Finance

    I took it and dropped it. As background, I did 4u maths in my HSC and do perfectly well at finance. I found this subject overly hard, since it involved higher level math I had not previously covered before and the concepts were barely explained. Corporate Finance II is much easier, perhaps...
  12. Rorix

    B. Commerce - Halp

    Well mate unless you hope to be a career adviser in the future....;)
  13. Rorix

    B. Commerce - Halp

    Dude, you seem to be very eager to go to UTS. I have no idea why, everyone with the exception of one person on the forum is telling you it's not a good idea. I think this is the 4th or 5th post where I've told you as much. I'm guessing you went to their open day and they pitched you well on...
  14. Rorix

    If I was to HYPOTHETICALLY find child porn...

    Honest and reasonable mistake would be a defence I would think, although not going to the trouble of looking up the law on it to answer a post:)
  15. Rorix

    B. Commerce - Halp

    I'm afraid its a bit difficult to explain to an HSC student since you probably (like everyone else was in your shoes) don't know that much about the job opportunities available to commerce students. Basically, pretty much every firm will hire from UTS - however, your opportunity to reach the...
  16. Rorix

    B. Commerce - Halp

    And you have replied to the very threads that ifsonotso is talking about. Dude, being as blunt as possible, don't go to UTS without a good reason. I don't think any UTS student would get offended if I said it wasn't on the same level, employment opportunities wise, as UNSW or USYD
  17. Rorix

    Easiest/Hardest subjects

    I thought Admin Law was exceedingly boring, so tough in that way. Evidence seems to be pretty technical, but I haven't had my final yet, so can't really say. I thought Real Property was pretty good.
  18. Rorix

    Which is the best uni for business/commerce/economics?

    Re: best uni for business? Perhaps you should talk to the forum member who was at an investment banking presentation at UTS where the HR lady said "we don't consider UTS graduates for front office positions".
  19. Rorix

    ANU - Economics

    The rankings are not based on the criteria of "how helpful will this University be to me obtaining employment?" They are based on crap like ratio of postgrads to undergrads, research, etc., all stuff which has no relevance to someone choosing their University as an undergraduate. Anyone that...
  20. Rorix

    Which is the best uni for business/commerce/economics?

    Re: best uni for business? Like BeeCom said, USYD and UNSW are the best (either fine), based on employability.