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  1. jellybeenz

    Did you find Love at Uni?

    Yep, met my boy at Uni... through a friend of a friend. Used to hang out a lot with him at the bar and just chilling at uni.
  2. jellybeenz

    Wud u Quit? Just for Her?

    I don't know if I would quit for my boyfriend- I know I definitely care enough about him to try. We had a talk about my smoking before we went out (he is a non-smoker)- we basically agreed that asking someone to quit is a bad thing- because if you quit for someone else, you'll find yourself...
  3. jellybeenz

    Best friends with a woman

    If you are worried about a 30cm height difference- its not weird. My boyfriend and I have about that height difference and we manage fine, my best mate and her boyfriend have an even bigger height gap. Sometimes it is worth the fight with society when it comes to religion/race. But from the...
  4. jellybeenz

    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    Aw. She's so nice and sweet and she really does care.
  5. jellybeenz

    06ers (and others I spose): Are you still talking to your school friends?

    I was pretty close to all my good high school friends until the beginning of last year (graduated 04)... now I'm only close to 2 of my school friends and see maybe 3 of them on a regular basis. I made some uni friends and started spending time with them- this put a strain on my high school...
  6. jellybeenz

    Herrow! Recommend Me Some Arts Subjects To Do

    Don't do Engl1005- Language and Image. Fiction Film and Power was good. Second year english subjects are much better though. History 1044 was enjoyable- world during period of both the world wars- spanish civil war section was fun.... um thats about all I liked from first year. Sociology...
  7. jellybeenz

    StuVac & Exam Period Bitch and Moan Thread (II, 2006)

    One more to go... I'm so nervous about english. I need a credit. I hate afternoon exams- I wake up at 7 and have to wait all day. I want these exams over with already. I don't know why though... just gonna be sitting at home doing nothing for 3 months. Stupid boyfriend and stupid friends will be...
  8. jellybeenz

    StuVac & Exam Period Bitch and Moan Thread (II, 2006)

    I'm only studying Personality section of psyc2014... I hate differential and will guess all those questions- hoping to barely scrape a pass.
  9. jellybeenz

    StuVac & Exam Period Bitch and Moan Thread (II, 2006)

    From experience in an open book english exam last year, may I suggest writing in light pencil so the notes don't jump out when they flip through your textbook. Psych Exam tomorrow, have only studied one topic area, am winging the rest :s
  10. jellybeenz

    the natural and irrepresable desire to want to kill your partners ex

    Oh boy, do I ever feel this.... I hate my boyfriend's ex so much. They went out for 2 years before he broke up with her- she works with his parents, is close friends with his mum and is friends with all of his friends. I feel like I'm the intruder.
  11. jellybeenz

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2006)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread Attend lectures/tutes. Spend less time at manning. Work more. Study and do readings regularly.
  12. jellybeenz

    To the guys... Would u care?

    I'd be worried. I am worried. I'm getting too old to be a virgin. I'm worried guys would expect me to know exactly what to do and I have no idea. I'd be worried I wasn't as good as the previous partners. Of course I think this paranoia goes away once you've slept with more than one person.
  13. jellybeenz

    superficial things turining you off a relationship

    Of course there are reasons why people smoke... it may seem mysterious... but they are there, even if they are crap reasons... Pimples. Is this totally superficial of me? I really like the guy, but... I just want to clear up his skin... Of course this isn't going to stop me going out with...
  14. jellybeenz

    Results: Semester 1, 2006

    Romantic Fictions- 80.0 Woohoo! <does a little dance>
  15. jellybeenz

    Results: Semester 1, 2006

    Argh... Why do I wake up so early? I just want my English mark goddammit!!!!
  16. jellybeenz

    Results: Semester 1, 2006

    I was so happy with my 56 for statistics...!! Its a shit mark, but at least I passed. I also passed Brain & Behaviour with 58... These are miracles when taking into account my a) lecture attendance b) assessment performance c) the very little I cared for the subjects. I told myself I'd drop...
  17. jellybeenz

    uni is just like high school

    Wow. I wish I found Uni as easy as high school. And 22 year old tutors mark just the same as 40 year old tutors in my experience.
  18. jellybeenz

    Freaking out about your exams?

    I'm not freaked out about my Psyc Stats exam tomorrow... I should be because I'm failing, but I've kind of resigned myself to that. Eh. I will probably freak out at about 10pm tonight... I've actually been reseaching non-psych subjects for next semester... I never thought I could get this...
  19. jellybeenz

    School friends vs. Uni friends

    I'm the same... all my uni friends are guys... but all my school friends are girls (and I went to a co-ed school) I don't know how it happened, but it did. I love my school friends like crazy... they are just the kind of people I know will be there for me no matter what. But Uni friends are a...
  20. jellybeenz

    What would you do?

    Hey! Aussie parents do it too... like mine... I'm seriously conflicted for you, I don't know if I would tell my parents... I don't tell them a lot of the things that I do, or at least I lie about the circumstances in which I do them. I've found things are a lot better this year, once I...