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    Hi! Are you still selling your english essays?

    Hi! Are you still selling your english essays?
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    General Thoughts: English–literacy

    What did everyone do for the logo short answer question? it was something like what features communicate the foundations purpose.. or something like that. i had no idea!
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    General Thoughts: English–literacy

    i thought that the short answers were hell hard. so vague, i ended up repeating myself a bit.
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    decent maths textbook?

    are there any additional text books i can buy that are pretty good for maths pathways 5.3 year 10? i dont really want to get the excel school certificate ones at the moment because i dont think they are going to help that much with the stuff we're doing, as it is quite complex in comparison to...
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    Art Assessment Help!!!

    ok great thanks this helps a lot but what are the theories or world? is it what influences them to make the art?
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    Art Assessment Help!!!

    the essay question we are given is 'Discuss the papunya tula artists theories of art in relation to how they have interpreted the world in their art making' i have all the info i need i was just wondering how the hell i interpret this enabling me to write a essay about it. i just don't...
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    SC science assessment 1

    i have my experiment, i have done the research, i have done the actual experiment just not sure about what to write in the aim, discussion, analysis. and the method isnt looking too great. in the aim its just really short and was just wondering how long it should be, in the analysis i have...