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  1. nikilily

    Muse vs. Radiohead

    I'm disapppinted in this thread, abolsutely no challenge at all. Radiohead. I went through my Muse stage, they put on a great show at BDO 10', but I'd rather listen to one of my least favourite Radiohead albums over Muse's best ones. Justification: Thom Yorke's versatility, vocals, and...
  2. nikilily

    90s Music

    CAN'T believe no one has mentioned Silverchair or the Smashing Pumpkins, Screaming Trees are also pretty awesome. 90's altern rock changed my life, I love it. Experience nostalgia here:
  3. nikilily

    UAC = death of me...can someone help me?

    I completed the HSC last year, 2010, got offered a B Business at Newcastle Uni, but now would like to pick up Commerce and do the combined Business and Commerce degree. I need to apply for this via UAC so I can try and get accepted through Mid-Year intake (of which the above degrees are...
  4. nikilily

    Triple J Hottest 100 2010

    hated this years hottest 100, very disappointed.
  5. nikilily

    shit music this decade

    Every song on this album was great, its rare to find an album like that imo
  6. nikilily

    Hey thanks. I haven't been on in ages to check that thread, too much downloading doesn't make...

    Hey thanks. I haven't been on in ages to check that thread, too much downloading doesn't make parents happy.
  7. nikilily I'm looking for....

    I really like her new stuff (although I don't really know how new it is, ever since the Milkshake song I kept my distance with Kelis). I guess all things are possible And Absolute that remix? re-edit? cover? of Wonderwall is good, thanks :)
  8. nikilily

    Post your 2011 University Offers here

    B/Business and hopefully picking up Commerce as well at Newcastle... yay.
  9. nikilily I'm looking for....

    YES this is exactly what I'm after. The video for this song is really something, I love it,really matches the song.
  10. nikilily

    B Business/B Commerce

    Was wondering if anyone from UON could answer a few questions I need to know urgently!! I am interested in doing the B Business B Commerce double degree, my ATAR was 80 so I fell just short of the required ATAR for the double degree. However I do qualify for 4 bonus points as I got between an...
  11. nikilily

    how bad is it

    my medical opinion would believe so.
  12. nikilily

    So I've fallen in love with the cover girl of the Good Universities Guide 2011...

    RE: girl on cover, yeah I'd jump the fence for her. However that fence is very high.
  13. nikilily

    Indie bands?

    ...were all in my mouth. Only, I don't know how they got out, dear.
  14. nikilily I'm looking for....

    Ta, will check it out for sure. Kelis? As in, my milkshake brings the boys to yard, Kelis?
  15. nikilily I'm looking for....

    Of course, Chromeo, haven't listened to them in ages. Agghh your wisdom AbsoluteZero. Just for curiosity's sake, how much music do you hold?
  16. nikilily

    Indie bands?

    If it hasn't already been mentioned, The Shins. I think I'll go home and mull this over.
  17. nikilily I'm looking for....

    I currently am in a big electro phase at the moment and have been listening to the sounds of Uffie, Little Boots as well as our own Bag Raiders and Miami Horror. So....need some suggestions (please don't suggest the obvious ones), to narrow it down a bit, I'm specifically wanting something...
  18. nikilily

    Indie bands?

    AGREE!! Andrew Bird is very talented and I would pay any money to see him live. Can I add another Mandatory song to listen to: Anoanimal.
  19. nikilily

    Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

    Re: Arcade Fire Yeah I'm liking the new tracks, but don't think the new album will be as good as Neon Bible.
  20. nikilily

    Crystal Castles

    I'd never heard them before but when I heard them through a friend the sounds made me nostalgic of my game boy days.... Its not the kinda music I generally listen to and so was wondering if anyone knows of other artists/bands/projects similar to Crystal Castles sound I could check out, please...