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  1. Peeik

    High School Math Teacher Questions

    The female to male ratio is pretty even. Early years you are looking at 24hrs a week because you need to do your science units as well as your education units. As you proceed the hours will drop, especially when you have finished the science part of your double degree. You would need to do 3rd...
  2. Peeik

    Practical Work

    USYD by far in NSW. Im may be sounding bias, but USYD is very good compared to other unis (DONT HATE ME FOR SAYING THIS UNSW-ERS)
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    Chord of contact

  4. Peeik

    Mathematical Curiosities.

    I remember asking this :P
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    Worlds - LoL

    T1 2-0 now i think?
  6. Peeik

    New National Curriculum

    New curriculum for year 11 and 12...say what?!
  7. Peeik

    Should I move up to 2 unit???

    Its a bit late to move to 2U, and as people mentioned above, the 2U course is different to the general course. Rank 1 in general all the way buddy!
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    help with math question

    Perms and Combs is in general maths. They should know how to use the nPr and nCr notation. The only difference is that general students deal with smaller numbers whereas 3U and 4U students deal with larger numbers. Funnily enough, only 2U students have no idea what perms and combs are haha
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    If I want to become a teacher in the future for maths/chemistry/physics?

    Regardless of the new curriculum, you can never have enough resources as a teacher. Keep collecting!!
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    I have a issue with my yr coordinator

    Like I said, do you have a doctor certificate or a note from your parents/caregiver(s)? If you dont, then it is the same as jigging a detention from the point of view of the teacher. They dont know you are sick until you present some form of evidence. Because they havent seen any evidence, that...
  11. Peeik

    I have a issue with my yr coordinator

    Do you have a doctors certificate or a note from your parent/caregiver?
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    I have a issue with my yr coordinator

    Your fault to choose to go home, you shouldve went to see the head teacher or the deputy to notify that you dont know where the room is. The fact that you went home showed you were ignorant.
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    For someone doing the 5.2 course should i be doing 2U Mathematics next year??

    In some schools they stream their years such that there is 1 5.1 class, 2 5.2 classes and 2 5.3 classes or something similar. If you are in the top 5.2 class then I recommend doing 2U mathematics next year. If you are in the bottom stream for 5.2, then it is RECOMMENDED that you do general...
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    Division of Polynomials

    [/B] I remember nothing from primary school, its too long ago.....
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    Origin Game 1 - UP THE BLUES!!!

    Get out of here Spiral... :P
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    loan repayments

    That's what I got as well. It should be right...
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    Question about partially selective high schools in NSW?

    Sefton is a better choice imo because its closer to your home. Saves alot of time travelling.
  18. Peeik

    Question about partially selective high schools in NSW?

    Hey I went to Tempe. When I was there a few years back, the senior years were mixed for all subjects. However the teachers generally grade the classes so its pretty much like top, middle and bottom classes.
  19. Peeik

    Math1001 Tutor

    Why not visit your lecturers or tutors during their consultation hours?