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    Once every 10 years, lol

    Once every 10 years, lol
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    Connections in getting an internship/vacation work

    I've just been involved in a couple of rounds of Vacationer interviews at EY, I can tell you that it doesn't make much difference - post-interviews, all us interviewers and observers debrief each candidate and in one instance recently, the niece of a senior partner was highlighted during the...
  4. Minai

    CA Program - Ask questions, get answers! (new and improved)

    I saw your name in the "Admitted as Chartered Accountants" section of Charter magazine recently, seremify, congrats!
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    CA Program - Ask questions, get answers! (new and improved)

    Hey seremify - what does PwC offer for CA candidates? Internal and PLS or other things? I'm just doing a bit of research and cross Big4 comparisons in my new role as "CA Champion" in my division
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    Chartered accountants

    Don't forget that if you somehow don't do all the pre-req subjects at uni, don't stress as you can enroll in bridging courses later on (which your employer will hopefully pay for!)
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    Accounting dilemma

    I doubt its possible - I remember at uni I did some IBUS/MGMT subjects in 1st and 2nd year, but then realised quite late the CA prerequisities so I was forced to do a single major in Accounting and only a minor in Biz out of all the subjects I did in a single BCom, all bar 4...
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    Yeah, having worked in Accounting the past 4 years I find myself relying on acalculator or excel for even basic things I would have done in my head at high school Nevertheless as someone said below, you'd probably have to do a bridging course as there are a couple of maths subjects with 2U...
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    Job probability - commerce @ Macq

    It all depends on which jobs you end up going for, but generally, you'd all be treated as the same during an interview process..employers value interpersonal/soft skills higher than education (again, depending on which industry)
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    The Official QMA Hate Thread

    I can give you my perspective, coming from someone who's been out there working for the last 3+ years, that hated QMA and QMB when I did them (in 2003), pretty much 'just' passing - I don't think I've ever used any concepts from QMA since I did that suck it up, cram and get through...
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    Accounting Vacation Internships - 2009/10

    Congratulations! What service line will you be working in? I know here in Sydney things are tight and they are rolling back the number of spots for vaccies and 2010 grads in Assurance (i.e. rightsizing the intake)
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    2010 Accounting Graduate Programs

    Who told you that ?
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    Anybody successful in gaining a job from 2008/2009 Vacation Work

    Reason most firms won't offer grad positions to as many vaccies as usual is that they want to take advantage of the market this year, where more "high quality" candidates will be available, where they would normally go to banks/finance sector/corporate (assuming banks etc are decreasing their...
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    Question Regarding Ca...

    About step 4 - you have to work with somone that is a qualified CA, be that at a big4, corporate or a tiny office with one accountant (a CA).
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    class hours

    What, all gen-ed's??
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    Comm @ UNSW vs Comm/Law @ Macq

    MBA?? Don't you need at least 5 years managerial experience before you can study an MBA? An MBA should be a long term goal (i.e. 6-8+ years after undergrad)
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    advice for prospective comm/law student please !

    holy shit...maybe I'm just lazy, but I've done 60-70 hour weeks during audit year end busy seasons, but those were like maybe 5 weeks out of the whole year and that was a killer to my health & social/relationship, can't imagine surviving like that on a regular basis...each to their own I guess -...
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    Double Major or get out early?

    No I did an Accounting (single) major and Business Law minor and I'm into my final CA module If you're interested in finance and want to learn those subjects then do it, I guess its worth it in the long run, but if you're set on accounting and becoming a CA, then get out early (although with...
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    how long does it take to become a chartered accountant after finishing your degree?

    Re: how long does it take to become a chartered accountant after finishing your degre how long it takes is dependant on you passing all the modules first go too, and its not a walk in the park like uni..I'm into my final module over the next couple of months
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    wheres a cheap place to buy RAM sticks?

    so true I'd rather pay a bit of a premium for good service and the fact that what I need will be in stock..