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  1. vitamin D

    Looking to buy $$$$ HSC books plus Western Region 2u maths exams,2013-2015

    what do you want, i have sucess 2u, self learn books ect.
  2. vitamin D

    Falling for my best friend(girl)

    try to be abit more lovey with her not to the piont its obv and then when shes feeling it abit, tell her like a sneaky cnt
  3. vitamin D

    Someone help a brother out?

    Its over. Nothing that you can do, just enjoy your post HSC.
  4. vitamin D

    ATAR is a rank not a mark

    just shower thoughts...... LOL
  5. vitamin D

    Are schools supposed to ring bells during the HSC exam?

    YEP THERE were announcements at my school too+ praying the angelus at 12 lmao
  6. vitamin D

    ATAR is a rank not a mark

  7. vitamin D

    Actuarial studies

    theres a good vid on youtube for Actuarial studies look up "Actuarial studies matrix education"
  8. vitamin D

    Really confused

    Im getting a grasp of where you're going with. Everyone around me have been all about pracs pracs pracs, and made UNSW look like a uni only on prestiguous boring lectures ect. thanks.
  9. vitamin D

    SOR 1 predictions?!?

  10. vitamin D

    Really confused

    Teachers at my school, UTS open days (they emphasise it hard out) but on here its a complete different world, UNSW is praised upon, im just in the middle. Haven't developed any fully grounded understandings on both Unis just yet. And UTS also says theres an extra year and that year is solely for...
  11. vitamin D

    Really confused

    I was always told UTS took a practical approach and hands on experience for students. And with Engineering experience>high marks. Just curious why does everyone say UNSW is the best uni for engineering is it because of its prestigiousness or? I may be wrong. plz insight
  12. vitamin D

    Paul of Tarsus

    goodluck digo doggy!
  13. vitamin D

    When to start past papers?

    after you a finish module/ topic, start practicing hsc questions for that module for all subs. And when you're done a whole course or accelerated on your own i reckon revise everything and go ham with pp's
  14. vitamin D

    Does a relationship really require sex?

    key phrase: "just the tip babe...." hahaha jks
  15. vitamin D

    Does a relationship really require sex?

    yes, sex is more than just the physically act of sticking your dick in a girls vagina and vice versa. Everyone's sexual urges and fetishes are different so you gotta find a guy/girl who is sexually compatible with you, other wise i'd say you guys most likely wouldn't work out.
  16. vitamin D

    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive do we take into account the mass of the moon or Earth?
  17. vitamin D

    HSC Physics MC Thread

    "radial" means constant torque, hence the straight line for torque. Not good enough at phys to explain in depth, sorry! edit: just saw the real answer, ignore everything i said.
  18. vitamin D

    HSC Physics MC Thread

    2014 question 15 (sorry dont know how to post pics on here yet)