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    Physics marathon (hsc)

    Advantages of solid state devices vs advantages of thermionic devices.
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    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

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    Help me decide?

    Come work at Subway with me. Gotta learn dem housewife duties in order to marry a loaded man
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    Finals coming up >:(

    Matty g i want your cock
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    UNSW Exams in a Marquee??

    God that walk to Marquee A-D. I keep arriving on reading time..I arrived at 8:45am for Psych and they're like hurry up you're late. Bloody morning exams. And that construction noise fml. I wish I rode my horse
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    WSU Chatter Thread

    Re: UWS Chatter Thread w@@iiiiiiiiiit wh@@@@@@@@@@@@t
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    Official BOS Study Meat v2.0 (Winter Edition)

    OMG. Parra library Peter Skrzyneckied the shit out of me. Totes dropping by.
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    The "critique my diet" thread

    Don't eat egg yolk, that bitch gave me high cholestrol
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    Same. Give me love.

    Same. Give me love.
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    It's my first work experience so I can't compare it anything. I really like it there's never a nothing-to-do moment. The pay is bad according to everyone but I'm sorta doing it for work experience so I don't mind haha. Most popular sauce is chipotle lol I found it surprising that we don't...
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    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    =] come to me lust... =[ It's not the same.. But thanks for making me smile. My heart feels like it's heavier and rolling around uncontrollably. I was slowly falling in love the whole of last year but I never got there and it already hurts like hell. Imagine falling in love with you. Why you...
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    Swizzle's Love Thread - Post anonymous messages to your secret crush

    You're breaking my heart. I'm no good for you. So I'm running away from my heart again.
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    Haha I work at subway so I get free subs! Haven't tried everything though. I just shove whatever's fresher lol. ZOMG COOKIES. Especially the ones I can nom on when they're broken.
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    Loss of motivation

    Heard about so many of these stories. At least you submitted it and got a great mark for it! So not used to uni work at all!
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    Loss of motivation

    Yes I have 0 drive. I also forgot that a break isn't like a school holiday lol, one of my subjects created a task during the break and I didn't check blackboard this whole week. So yeah goodbye easy 2 marks. Fail. I have 2 tests this week and I'm not close to ready.