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  1. SgtSlick

    What do u hate about the BOS?

    yes its pretty strange, u dont know what to do with ureself, u feel like u should be studying, but then u remember u dont have any then u realise that becoz u just did the hsc, u had no job and now have no money to buy anything...rock and a hard place really... and Im booking in at schoolies...
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    For Nelly

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    Speaking Japanese

    I am frightened now.... :chainsaw:
  5. SgtSlick

    This is just a tribute to McLake

    I went thru 12 months of chem and hated it... why wouldnt i be sick and twisted? hmm?
  6. SgtSlick

    What do u hate about the BOS?

    HAHAHA....and btw yr 11, we are out partying..infact every night now for the last week....
  7. SgtSlick

    chem 2002 - with a poll!

    Thank u weisy, i see your heart and mind is in the right place yet again!
  8. SgtSlick

    chem 2002

  9. SgtSlick

    What do u hate about the BOS?

    guys Laz is right, lets try to keep the arguments civil, if we have beef with the BOS lets say so, but lets say why, as Amuka has done...
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    this was NO :spam:, i am serious, i dislike chem, mostly because it is boring as hell, and also because my teacher was about as sharp as a bowling ball!
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    this was a generally amusing thread
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    chem is gay
  13. SgtSlick

    chem 2002 - with a poll!

    haha suckers, physics is winning! :spam:
  14. SgtSlick

    chem 2002 - with a poll!

    ok, what is better chem or physics... cast ure votes now!
  15. SgtSlick

    chem 2002

    Ok chem is over for 2002, but it doesnt change the fact i hated my teacher, she hated me, the class in general hated her, she knew squat and taught us about the same...i hated chem so much i think that i became allergic to it..stupid chem it was so gay..physics was much better..hey that gives me...
  16. SgtSlick

    Time ??

    u must have set ure time zone wrong when u registered...go to user cp and fix it all up...i think from memory we are gmt + 10
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    God Damn Database Error

    what? the hsc over? no one told me! :spam:
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    Site Name

    the coles jingle ":spam:ing u better..." MUAHAHAHAHA
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    English paper 2 - WTF??

    oh sit, how dumb am I, u werent even talking to me! shit, sorry.... disregard above post :spam: