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    Exam: How much did u write

    all is forgiven
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    Guy's new video clip

    "you've got to shutup and slap mark holden" what, you mean those aren't the lyrics? and the song's actually called rise up? it's not that difficult to get a number one in aus, a couple of thousand copies'll get u there most weeks, plus the charts are badly done here, it's not based on...
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    Windshuttle query

    a postmodernist and a postmodernist wannabe are two very distinct things, he thinks he can regulate and reason histiry through modernist means, making it accessable to a postmodern world, maybe you should read more clearly before accussing me of not researching the topic properly
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    Exam: How much did u write

    i was only putting doen how much i had done because some people obviously care, hence the existence of this thread, however i don't think quantity makes much of a difference
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    Why's Ext.2 difficult?

    for some i'm sure it would be really easy - the first idea they have they write and submit that, but then they really wouldn't be doing the course properly. it's difficult not because actually composing a work is that hard, but because composing a work of high substance and standard is...
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    Constructing your journal

    how many other people thought about putting a completely irrelevant series of points in the journal, somethin along the lines of: 1. this journal won't even be read so im just gonna fill pages with mindless chitchat 2. this thing looks really good because it's bulky, but that's only because...
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    Well done everyone

    i only did ancient to make up my unit count, but it became one of my fav subjects, so much so i did the extension course. i think anyone posting on this thread can truly appreciate the ammount of work that the subject requires. i do legal ext 1 and 2 end and ext his, and think that anc was...
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    Question 2 - anyone?

    i did JFK, which i didn't particullarly like as a case study, but at least it was easy to study for, like you said Ms 12, the questions have to be broad to cater for all the case studies. the exam reminded me a lot of the ext eng exam in that sense. btw, congrats everyone, we are now...
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    Congratulations Guys, Its Over!

    it's been fun to learn all the laws, now i know when i'm breaking them, which makes it all the more enjoyable. btw, how many peole are thinking of law as a profession?
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    Is there anyone on this forum

    nice to see you care so, although you sound a little too textbooky for my taste. hey, they can't fail us all, right? (note to self: unleash your monsters of darkness at sundown, muah, ha, ha, ha, ha)
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    postmodernism creative

    i dont think there ever really has or ever really will be a great quetion on postmodernism by the very nature of postmodernism, in that there are no set questions and answers. i went on so many different tangents in my piece, postmodernism is infective.
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    Windshuttle query

    windshuttle is a post modernit wannabe with a superiority complex and a less than acceptable opinion of australian history. he should do us all a favour and fly to a distant galaxy to wallow forever and ever in his own arrogance. sorry, what was your query again? who cares, whatever it was, i...
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    accomplished students of 2003 - our final stand

    wow, this section has changed so much in the past few weeks. now it's filled with all these little yr 11s scampering round, already worried about journals and ideas. although it's already been done before, i say we have one last throw of the dice. all those who have completed the course...
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    American Idol and Autralian Idol

    my facts were only presented because he asked me for them, he just couldn't accept that he was wrong without cold hard facts to tell him
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    how was the exam?

    yeah it wasnt an hour, we had ours done in 45 minutes, the 30 second one was at least a ten second break... id really like to measure the actual time slot of those /edit/!!! stupid school server and their inability to run anything regarding a computer....logged in as...
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    does anyone have any information on available workshops on script writing?

    i remember that help day, only helped me fall asleep, K8lyn, i wrote a script and found the best stuff was on the web, this site is not bad, but the best thing you can use is other scripts, just get a copy of a couple and check the format and stuff...
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    hellenistic kingdoms

    does anyone have any decent notes or comments on the hellenistic kingdoms (except for ptolemies) thanks
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    Operation Get Our Board Back..

    only if there was enough dynamite and alcohol involved
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    your lyrics

    i understand the lameless of this thread, but that doesn't make it any less amusing
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    American Idol and Autralian Idol

    you were content to talk about this for pages and pages but suddenly, when you're proved wrong, you say we've been off on a tangent, if you really cared so much, you simply wouldn't reply to my posts and continue with the original topic. btw, you did ask for facts on several occassions, the...