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    First in course?

    Hi, feel free to send me a dm
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    can you self study 4u and still get a high E4/B6

    ye i only went du for 2 terms pre much
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    What marks should I be aiming for to get 99.90+?

    I think yes with 98+ 4U
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    Sr potential?

    I did Maths Olympiad from Y7-10 so MX2 was pretty chill. My advice would be to start earlier for study as its a massive slog
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    Any advice in getting better at Chemistry?

    I reckon do more practice papers
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    motor effect

    Current flows from the positive to negative terminal. Using this current we can determine the magnetic field of the solenoids and the current in the motor, then use right hand rule to find force
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    How does Private Tutoring Work?

    Not too sure since I don’t do English personally, but one of my friends does. I don’t think she’s looked at individual texts yet but I think its just general english skills like essay writing and stuff.
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    How does Private Tutoring Work?

    Personally, when I tutor, I make a few questions / notes to discuss with students and set extra questions after class and mark them. Not too sure what other tutors do but some of my friends just mark and discuss past papers only.
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    i got a 99.95 - ask me stuff :)

    Yooooo lets go MX2 gang
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    do i need chem for med

    Bio is OK, but if you do legal, PDHPE, or Business you pretty much have to state rank to get a substantial ATAR because the scaling is really bad. Eng Adv is good but for Maths I'd recommend at least X1. Ultimately tho, pick the subjects that you like
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    do i need chem for med

    Generally no, but it helps a lot. The only prereqs are at least advanced maths for usyd I believe
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    Preparing for HSC

    I usually memorised a few quotes and some explanations from each of them.
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    Junior sciences

    I recommend making a list of all the key terms (usually you can find these in the glossary / index of science textbooks).
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    Art of Smart for Economics tutoring

    Oh lmao it actually is written by an AI. I’m always wondering how hiva seems to know so much to type up extended responses about each subject.
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    Art of Smart for Economics tutoring

    I know a few guys for ecos if you’re looking for a private tutor
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    Sitting posture + stomach creasing

    ye george sus
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    Sitting posture + stomach creasing

    I also heard that patty deals tren ask him if he does freebies or not